Tom's Earnings Season Fast Profits Play

Tom just shared with you the fastest way to make a 50% gain this earnings season (scroll down for detailed trading instructions).

But right now, I want to share some stunning footage with you.

Because if you follow the simple instructions in this video...

You'll learn how to position yourself to collect a potential payday of $2,918.

I've flown a camera crew down to Sarasota, Fla., to film Tom, because he has invented something so powerful...

A famous Wall Street firm paid him $20 million just to get a small glimpse of its capabilities.

You see, Tom has never worked at a fancy investment bank. In fact, he spent much of his career as a customer service rep at an Atlanta Home Depot. He never even graduated college.

Yet miraculously, he invented something that uncovers opportunities to literally collect thousands of dollars in cash from the stock market... in a matter of seconds.

In this must-see footage, you will witness him become:

  • $1,050 richer in 15 seconds...
  • $940 richer in 11 seconds...
  • $1,260 richer in eight seconds...
  • $988 richer in seven seconds...

For the last two years, Tom has been quietly sharing the power of his invention with a handful of people. And it gave each of them the chance to become $999,195 richer.

But now he has agreed to demonstrate his invention LIVE on camera.

And he's willing to show Fast Profits Members how to set up a total of eight trades over the next 30 days.

The first one takes place in just a few days. So time is of the essence.

Just this one trade could pay you $2,918 instantly.

All you need to do is follow his simple instructions.

Click here for more on this incredible situation.

And pay close attention at 03:48 in this footage. This is where the money begins flowing into his account. When you see how easy this is, it's going to blow your mind! Click here now.

Today's Fast Profits trade instructions:

Buy: YELP May 18, 2018 $43 calls (YELP180518C00043000).

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