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Forget McDonald's Earnings Beat, These 2 Growth Stocks Are Better

After adding $6 billion to its market cap at 9:30 this morning, McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) is about to teach many investors a valuable lesson.

Don't chase success.

Those who already owned McDonald's before the morning bell have reason to celebrate, but it's not the stock we'd pick today.

The best bet for "legacy" growth - the kind of growth that will hand you wealth not for years, but for generations - isn't in fast food, no matter how clever the CEO or how strong the earnings.

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald appeared on live television today to share the two companies he would buy today. Many on Wall Street are afraid that these companies are overpriced, but they're dead wrong.

Thanks to these firms' groundbreaking developments with one essential technology, Keith believes their current prices are nowhere near their true value...

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Your Rare Second Chance at a Piece of $9.75 Million

Fitz-Gerald is doubling down on the $9.75 million wager he made last November.

Back then, only a handful of people could take him up on the bet.

But now they're getting the chance to pocket accelerating average gains of 286%, 425%, and 571% per week (including partial closeouts).

This is your rare second chance to join them. (Five-minute video explains).

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