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Dow Jones Today Pops 57 Points as Facebook Beats Earnings

The Dow Jones today jumped 57-points in premarket trading after Facebook Inc. posted better than expected earnings.

Facebook beat revenue estimates by 4% and announced that it had increased its workforce by 48%.

Much of the market expected Facebook to report losses on the heels of the multiple scandals that plagued the company throughout the first quarter.


The Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy Ahead of the $24.5 Billion Cannabis Revolution

Everyone knows marijuana stocks are some of the best investments to make in 2018.

However, finding the best marijuana stocks to buy can be difficult because of all the choices.

That's why today, we're providing all the details about two of our favorite plays in the booming $10 billion cannabis industry...

Smart Gold Investors Will Be Dying to Own This

The profits can be outrageous, but the precious metals sector is a notoriously challenging place to invest smartly and profitably.

A big reason why: Sentiment has an outsized impact on prices. Gold is one of very few assets people actually want more of when it goes up in price.

So it makes good sense to own gold stocks in addition to any physical metal you've got stashed.

Trouble is, there's no shortage of choices… and price, future earnings potential, and quality are all over the map.

That's why gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are essential in your gold holdings. You get a great way to gain exposure to all sorts of gold companies while keeping downside risk to an absolute minimum.

Now, for years, gold ETFs were limited to bullion – "paper gold" backed by metal locked away in a vault somewhere – or the miners and junior miners involved in prospecting and extracting the stuff from the ground. 

But… recently, one of the sharpest, wealthiest resource investors on the planet turned me on to a brand-new way to invest, easily, all in one fell swoop, in one of gold's most wildly profitable, well-managed segments.

Gold owners have been craving a way to do this, but it's only been recently that this has even been possible...

This Is Your Last Chance to Buy Marijuana Stocks Before They Really Skyrocket

You cannot stand in the way of progress. And that's exactly what Money Morning Defense and Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson has been telling subscribers about marijuana stocks for years…

He started pounding the table for marijuana stocks as early as 2013. Those who listened have made an incredible profit (more than 1,400% on one pick, in fact).

But - we cannot stress this enough - the roof is about to blow off the legal weed market. This truly is the last chance for investors to get in before the market takes off...