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This Is the Last Chance to Get In on the Ground Floor of the Weed Banking Revolution

Call it the "Cannabis Gold Rush," or the "Green Rush," but however you slice it, it's one of the most exciting, lucrative investing stories of our time.

And it's far from over.

There's a lot to look forward to: Canada already legalized medical marijuana at the federal level and should make recreational puffing legal sometime later this year.

But here in the United States, we Yanks have stubbornly kept "reefer madness" away from society by keeping it illegal at the federal level, while states – lots of them – are bucking the feds to take advantage of the pot bonanza.

Nine states have already legalized recreational weed, and 29 have permitted medical use. Not to mention, 13 states have decriminalized marijuana, making getting caught with a little dope no more problematic than being late with a library book.

Growers, landowners, lab companies, farm supply companies, farm equipment manufacturers, and even packaging firms have rushed to the market to make money on "green gold."

Billions are being made, and taxes are being paid even with the dubious legality of the product.

And the flow of dollars will increase dramatically when we finally get marijuana off the federal controlled substances schedule at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

More than 70% of Americans favor marijuana legalization, and many states badly need the tax revenue that legalization would provide.

Still… the "linchpin" to all of this – the financial sector – is still waiting on the sidelines.

But that's about to change in a very big, massively profitable way - and you can ride these companies to - pun intended - absolutely dizzying heights...

This "Bitcoin Misery Index" Says Now Is a Great Time to Buy

Despite the gloomy name, the Bitcoin Misery Index is an indicator with a practical purpose – it identifies when BTC is overbought or oversold.

Created by Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee, the BMI is flashing the strongest "buy" signal since 2014. With Bitcoin down 58% from its all-time high in December, we're looking at a particularly attractive profit opportunity.

Here are all the details on this new Bitcoin indicator...

We're Right in the Thick of 2018's Biggest Profit Opportunities

What could be better? We're now in the first full week of the season, with 62 S&P 500 companies on the docket.

This is a critical season that I believe takes on more significance than most. That's because the market itself is at a critical juncture – a tipping point, if you will.

The bulls and bears are in a monster tug-of-war over the market's direction during the next few months, and, naturally, earnings could be the factor that tips the scale one way or the other.

I couldn't be more fired up about the next few days - and you will be, too, once you see this...

The 5 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in April 2018

Penny stocks are great opportunities for retail investors to generate significant profits with very little investments. In order to help Money Morning readers profit, we're bringing you the five top penny stocks to watch in April 2018.

While a few penny stocks have great growth potential, the truth is that many of these low-cost stocks have very little chance of providing investors with profit.

In an effort to avoid losing your investment, it's important to identify penny stocks that have strong financials and a good chance for growth.