May's Top Penny Stock Gained 439%; Here's the Stock You Need to Buy in June

With the top six penny stocks gaining over 100% in May, we've assembled the 10 top penny stocks to watch for June to help you keep track of this lucrative market.

Plus, we've also found the one affordable stock you need in your portfolio right now...

The top-performing penny stock in May was Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK), a company that develops electric vehicle charging ports. Thanks to several partnerships the company made in May, Blink stock surged an astonishing 439%.

On May 11, Blink stock gained over 100% after the company announced a partnership with the city of Miami, Fla., to install its ports in the city's garages.

May's Top Penny Stock Gained 439%; Here's the Stock You Need to Buy in JuneBlink's Miami deal came right after a deal with Whole Foods Inc. to install similar chargers in store parking lots. Blink's surge shows just how lucrative a small company's stock can be once it achieves a few critical breakthroughs.

But Blink and our other penny stocks to watch are unlikely to continue to lock in such spectacular gains in June. After looking at our 10 top penny stocks to watch this month, we'll show you a small-cap stock with great profit potential in its future...

Penny Stock Current Share Price Last Month's Gain
 Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK) $7.07 439.85%
Senes Tech Inc. (Nasdaq: SNES) $1.27 175.40%
Vivis Inc. (Nasdaq: VVUS) $0.77 150.41%
Adomani Inc. (Nasdaq: ADOM) $1.49 137.68%
NF Energy Saving Co. (Nasdaq: NFEC) $2.34 134.88%
Vaalco Energy Inc. (NYSE: EGY) $2.15 109.06%
Heat Biologics Inc. (Nasdaq: HTBX) $2.35 99.12%
ArQule Inc. (Nasdaq: ARQL) $4.88 90.74%
LiqTech International Inc. (NYSE: LIQT) $0.66 85.60%
Transenterix Inc. (NYSE: TRXC) $3.46 77.84%

While last month's gains are tremendous, they also illustrate the inherent dangers that come with investing in penny stocks.

While there are penny stocks that have the potential to generate immense returns like these, many penny stocks lack the solid underlying financials necessary to generate a significant return.

To protect our readers from any significant losses due to penny stock investing, we follow five rules for penny stock investing. Take look at them on the right.

Rules for Safely Trading Penny Stocks

  • No more than 2% of your overall stock portfolio should consist of penny stocks.
  • Avoid stocks with average daily trading volume of less than 500,000 shares.
  • Avoid penny stocks being aggressively promoted on public discussion forums or websites not focused on investing.

Here are the top three warning signs of a shell company scam, according to the SEC and FINRA…

  • If a company has been dormant for many years and then brought back to life.
  • If a company has changed its name and, especially, business focus multiple times.
  • Check for massive reverse stock splits like 1-for-20,000 or 1-for-50,000.

In addition to following these rules, our team uses the Money Morning Stock VQScore™ to identify stocks that have real growth potential.

Our favorite small-cap stock to buy this week has a VQScore of 4, our top score, and it just signed a blockbuster, quarter-billion-dollar deal with oil giant Saudi Aramco.

Here's our pick...

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McDermott International Inc. Is Our Favorite Small-Cap Stock

McDermott International Inc. (NYSE: MDR) is an American engineering company that specializes in the construction and installation of oil drilling infrastructure across the globe.

Thanks to rising global economic activity and increasing demands from the transportation industry, international demand for oil has steadily risen. According to OPEC, worldwide demand for oil rose to 97 million barrels a day in 2017, up by 1.6 million from just the previous year.

As a result, McDermott has had plenty of business as oil companies boost output to maintain a steady global supply of oil.

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In April, McDermott signed a deal to build 13 jackets, the underwater structures for shallow water oil platforms for oil giant Saudi Aramco Co. - a contract worth upward of $250 million. This recent deal comes on the heels of three other large Middle Eastern construction contracts that the company has signed over the last year.

McDermott has given clear signs that the company doesn't plan to cap its growth anytime soon. Last month, the company rejected a $2 billion hostile takeover bid from Norway drilling company Subsea 7 (OTCMKTS: SUBCY).

While Subsea was prepared to offer investors $7 a share for McDermott's stock, McDermott argued that the proposal "significantly undervalued" the company's growth potential and market value.

The company's numbers back this opinion up. McDermott recently revised its 2017 fiscal year guidance, and the company now expects to generate between $0.60 and $0.63 per share, up from its previous estimate of $0.53.

With those kind of growth figures on deck, the company's current market price of $21.59 is an absolute bargain.

But small-cap and penny stocks aren't the only way to make huge returns...

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