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Dow Jones Today Slides After White House Cancels North Korean Summit

The Dow Jones today dropped 60 points in premarket hours as markets processed developments between the Trump administration and the North Korean government.

On Thursday, President Trump announced he had canceled the planned summit between the U.S. and North Korean on June 12th.

While disruptive to market stability, the cancelation isn't surprising to Money Morning. In fact, we saw it coming months ago.

How Central Banks and the IMF Will Try to Kill Bitcoin... and Replace It with Something Terrifying

Theorists of all kinds and persuasions agree: We're almost certainly hurtling toward a cashless, digital currency-using society at some point in the not-too-distant future.

The question is, what is it going to look like?

Realistically, it will be nowhere near the original vision laid out for Bitcoin, much to the chagrin of crypto-enthusiasts and real-money libertarians everywhere.

As I'm going to show you, the path being taken is a tale of national, international, and even supranational intrigue that you might never have imagined.

It's filled with so many contradictions, it's become laughable.

Yet the central planners behind it all have so much to gain, it's a near certainty that soon we'll all be using the same virtual global cryptocurrency – like it or not.

And if you think your freedom and privacy are threatened now... well you ain't seen nothin' yet...

What Is the Price of Hulu Stock?

Many investors are wondering what the price of Hulu stock is. However, because Hulu is still a private company, it is not available on any public stock exchanges.

Fortune states that Hulu explored an initial public offering in 2010. However, Wall Street pushed back at the idea – at the time, the company streamed its content for free and had no monetization plan in place. Hulu ended up abandoning the idea.

Whether you can invest in Hulu or not, it makes sense to look at video streaming as a source of profits. After all, this is a booming market.