2 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in June, Plus One Small Cap to Buy

Penny stocks are the perfect investment for investors looking to collect double- or triple-digit gains with little initial investment. However, the right penny stocks can be difficult to find.

To give our readers an edge in the marketplace, we're releasing the two top penny stocks to watch in June. But we aren't stopping there. We're also going to show you a small-cap stock with serious profit potential ahead of it.

Top penny stock

You see, while some penny stocks have the potential to deliver strong returns, many of them are unlikely to provide those triple-digit profits to shareholders. And many penny stocks are merely scams or worthless shell companies that will simply waste your money.

In order to protect your investments, we follow five rules for investing in penny stocks - take a look at them on the right.

Rules for Safely Trading Penny Stocks

  • No more than 2% of your overall stock portfolio should consist of penny stocks.
  • Avoid stocks with average daily trading volume of less than 500,000 shares.
  • Avoid penny stocks being aggressively promoted on public discussion forums or websites not focused on investing.

Here are the top three warning signs of a shell company scam, according to the SEC and FINRA...

  • If a company has been dormant for many years and then brought back to life.
  • If a company has changed its name and, especially, business focus multiple times.
  • Check for massive reverse stock splits like 1-for-20,000 or 1-for-50,000.

And to help you find serious profit opportunities, we've also delved into small-cap stocks - those with market caps between $300 million and $2 billion - with the potential to generate great returns.

You see, small-cap stocks have a real advantage over penny stocks thanks to their strong financial backing and growth potential.

Using the Money Morning Stock VQScore™, we've found a small-cap stock that is on the cusp of huge gains.

Before we get to our small-cap pick you need to buy, here are the two top penny stocks to watch in June...

Top Penny Stock to Watch in June, No. 2:  Blink Charging Co.

Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK) is the largest owner and provider of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States.

On May 11, BLNK shares soared over 288% in one week after announcing a partnership between Blink and the city of Miami, allowing the company to install charging ports in Miami's parking garages.

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BLNK also signed a deal in May with Whole Foods to install electric vehicle chargers in its parking lots.

BLNK has continued to rise impressively after May's surge. The shares currently trade at $6.50 versus just $1.48 on May 4, 2018 - a gain of more than 339% in less than a month.

Blink illustrates how lucrative the top penny stocks to watch in June can be for investors, as they move from promising technology to partnerships with major organizations.

However, our next penny stock saw an even bigger spike in its price...

Top Penny Stock to Watch, No. 2: Partner Communications

Partner Communications Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTNR) is an Israeli-based mobile network operator, as well as an Internet and telephone provider. Founded in 1999, Partner was formerly operating under the umbrella of the French telecommunications company "Orange" until 2016.

Partner's strong growth this year is largely due to media distribution deals the company has struck over the last few years. In 2016, Partner made a deal with Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) to offer a free subscription to Netflix through its service.

In December 2017, the company announced a similar partnership with Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) to include Apple Music in its subscription packages.

Even after this robust period of expansion, the company shows no signs of slowing down. Last month, Partner announced another collaboration, this time with Amazon.com Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN).

Through the deal, Partner subscribers will now receive access to Amazon Prime Video content - an offering that is likely to have similar impact on subscriber numbers as previous partnerships have.

And Wall Street analysts agree - they've put a high price target of $22.00 on Partner. That's a 471% increase over today's price of $3.85.

These are remarkable gains. But past gains don't mean the profits will continue.

However, our small-cap pick you need to buy is likely to generate the kind of returns you can rely on...

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Our Top Small-Cap Pick Is Applied Optoelectronics Inc.

Sugarland, Texas-based Applied Optoelectronics Inc. (Nasdaq: AAOI) is a semiconductor manufacturer engaged in the development of fiber optic networks.

AAOI manufactures a series of high-speed optical transceivers to run on its semiconductors. The transceivers transmit data via fiber optic cables at higher than normal rates, resulting in greater digital traffic and smoother data processing.

The company's transceivers are purchased by data centers that require processing of huge amounts of data both effectively and rapidly. In fact, AAOI's two biggest customers are tech giants Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) and Amazon.

Demand for AAOI's products is forecast to keep rising. Data Center Knowledge estimates that the IP traffic worldwide that will be sent via data centers will expand almost 200% in the coming five years alone.

AAOI is well positioned to benefit from this growth because of its emphasis on manufacturing semiconductors that position data centers to smoothly process massive quantities of data.

AAOI shares currently sell at $35.75. Analysts forecast that strong demand for the company's semiconductors can drive the shares up to $55. That's a skyrocketing increase of more than 53% from today's levels.

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