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This "Toll Gate" Strategy Gave Us the Perfect Infrastructure Stock Play

In February, the Trump administration introduced a $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill designed to boost public and private spending the nation's aging tunnels, roads, and bridges.

The U.S. White House's move set off a flurry of investment activity on Wall Street as the world's largest investment firms prepared to place huge bets on infrastructure stock – upward of $200 billion.

However, many of these firms have yet to pull the trigger. Thanks to congress, this massive infrastructure stimulus is bogged down in the legislative process awaiting debate and approval. And that's a buying opportunity for the savvy investor.

A New Housing Crisis Is Coming; These 5 Companies Could Make a Killing from It

One of the most shocking pieces of news to hit my desk recently is that millennials are finally starting to think about that whole getting married, having a family, and building a home thing.

But they may be arriving a little late to the party. They're entering the market at a time when a new supply crisis could make finding a home nearly impossible.

And it’s a crisis that could lead five companies on my radar to stream us steady, long-term profits...

The Past Four Months Prove It: Passive Indexing Is Pure Portfolio Poison

Index investing was sold, hard, to investors – to the tune of $58 billion a month – as a safe, hassle-free way to ride stocks all the way to the moon.

Led by the High Priest of Indexing, John Bogle, and endorsed by Warren Buffett and other legendary investors, indexing was supposed to be the answer to all our investing goals.

"Buy a low-cost index, sit back, and let the magic happen."

But trade wars… U.S. President Donald Trump's vendetta against Amazon… North Korea… Iran… Italy… rising interest rates… and more have all helped propel huge swings, and I suspect 2% daily swings were not what most new index investors were looking for when they made their initial investment.

It's not just volatile periods that present problems for index investors, either. It's a bad idea all the time - and here's why...