30 Top Dividend Stocks for 2018

Thanks to the Money Morning Stock VQScore™ system, we uncovered the top dividend stocks to buy for 2018.

You see, these aren't just random picks thrown together for a top dividend stocks list...

top dividend stocksFar from it.

Through our proprietary system, we track the 1,500 most profitable companies on the market and assign each one a VQScore. To get the score, we use only the key factors that find stocks ready to far outperform "average" returns.

Not only do the top dividend stocks on this list offer income, the share prices are also expected to climb.

These top dividend stocks are some of the highest scoring in our system and are in the "Buy Zone" right now.

That means you don't have to sacrifice stock price growth to earn dividend payouts.

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These are 30 of the top dividend stocks to own, with dividend payout and yield information as of Aug. 16.

30 Top Dividend Stocks to Own in 2018

The top dividend stocks listed below are sorted from the smallest to largest yield.

Company Symbol Dividend Yield
Cimarex Energy Co. XEC $0.64 0.72%
FMC Corp. FMC $0.66 0.74%
Cosan Ltd. CZZ $0.08 1.07%
Regal Beloit Corp. RBC $1.12 1.37%
Arcos Dorados Holding Inc. ARCO $0.10 1.40%
L3 Technologies Inc. LLL $3.20 1.51%
Tredegar Corp. TG $0.44 1.91%
Jefferies Financial Group Inc. JEF $0.50 2.05%
Summit Financial Group Inc. SMMF $0.52 2.07%
Magna International Inc. MGA $1.32 2.16%
United Fire Group Inc. UFCS $1.24 2.21%
Aflac Inc. AFL $1.04 2.22%
FBL Financial Group Inc. FFG $1.84 2.29%
MTS Systems Corp. MTSC $1.20 2.31%
Diageo Plc. DEO $3.46 2.37%
NextEra Energy Inc. NEE $4.44 2.60%
Olin Corp. OLN $0.80 2.63%
Merck & Co. Inc. MRK $1.92 2.88%
Ternium S.A. TX $1.10 3.04%
Toyota Motor Corp. TM $4.38 3.38%
Chevron Corp. CVX $4.48 3.58%
RIO Tinto Plc. RIO $2.20 3.93%
Noble Midstream Partners LP NBLX $2.14 4.18%
Star Group LP SGU $0.47 4.85%
Southern Co. SO $2.40 5.12%
LTC Properties Inc. LTC $2.28 5.39%
Triton International Ltd. TRTN $2.08 6.59%
Ciner Resources LP CINR $2.27 8.18%
NuStar Energy LP NS $2.40 8.74%
Two Harbors Investment Corp. TWO $1.57 10.37%

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