In the $26 Billion Craft Beer Industry, This Stock Just Hit Our "Buy Zone"  

The $26 billion U.S. craft beer industry is booming, and we've uncovered the best beer stock to buy for long-term gains: Craft Brew Alliance Inc. (Nasdaq: BREW).

In 1979, there were just 89 U.S. breweries, according to the Brewers Association. At the end of 2017, there were 6,266 U.S. craft breweries.

That's a 6,940% increase.

beer pouring into glass

And Craft Brew Alliance's craft lineup provides a perfect way to play the booming market...

It has one of the most diversified product lines in the industry. Its brands include Red Hook, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Kona Brewing Co., and Omission Beer.

Red Hook is the most famous of Craft's holdings, as it was one of America's first craft breweries. It was founded in 1981 and offers beer on draught, in bottles, and in cans around the country.

Widmer Brewing helped create the Pacific Northwest craft beer movement in 1994. Kona is Hawaii's largest craft brewer. Omission Brewing is best known for its gluten-free beer.

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On top of that, Craft also owns Square Mile Cider Co.

Angry Orchard (hard cider producer) is a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Co. Inc. (NYSE: SAM), and its sales are one of the reasons why the SAM stock price has climbed 105% in the past year.

Similarly, squares from Square Mile Cider could help Craft Brew Alliance bring in more revenue, which will attract more investors.

That could send the stock price higher.

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Shares of Craft opened today (Sept. 11) at $18.35. But financial firm Cowen & Co. expects the Craft stock price to climb 25% in the next 12 months.

And with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up just 4.16% so far in 2018, you can't afford to pass on double-digit profit opportunities.

This is obviously a great find, but we also wanted to share how we uncovered BREW.

Thanks to our proprietary valuation system, you can locate these types of potential winners all the time.

That's because our system finds the stocks that are priced to get you the biggest returns...

How to Maximize Your Gains with the Money Morning VQScore

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With the Money Morning VQScore™, a stock's VQScore is derived from a blended analysis of a company's underlying earnings power, its profit growth, and its earnings-per-share acceleration or deceleration. Then we balance the result against recent demand for the company's shares.

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The Power of the VQScore

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Stocks in Quadrant 4 - meaning they have a VQScore of 4.00 or higher - give you the best opportunity at the biggest returns.

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Quadrant 3 stocks - which have scores ranging from 3.00 to 3.99 - are also undervalued. They do not have the market in their favor though, like those in Quadrant 4. That limits their future share-price growth.

Quadrant 2 stocks have scores from 2.00 to 2.99. A lot of these stocks are tied to healthy companies, but their shares aren't priced to give you the maximum returns. They are trading closer to their fair value and, in some cases, are about to fall out of favor in the markets. A lot of these stocks used to have a VQScore of 4.

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