This FANG Stock Will Skyrocket 55% by 2020 - at the Latest

For a market-crushing 55% gain over the next two years, plus all of the stability that comes with investing in one of the world's largest companies and a global household name, look no further.

This morning, FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney called on Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani to explain why one of the world's largest companies is also one of the best growth stocks to own right now.

Shah has impeccable timing when it comes to tech stocks. His previous tech wins include a 31.4% gain in the past nine months, a 72.6% gain in the past two years, and a money-doubling 105.31% gain in the past 15 months.

See his latest recommendation - and the key reason it still has so far to go - in the video below:


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