How Today’s Election Outcome Will Move the Markets

The “Trump bump” may be on its last legs.

Today’s elections will determine the fate of U.S. President Donald Trump’s corporate tax cuts, and the markets will react to the result in earnest the moment the opening bell rings tomorrow morning.

The question on every investor’s mind is: How will the Dow react if the Democrats take the House of Representatives? How will it react if they take the Senate and the House?

To answer these questions, FOX Business Network host Stuart Varney asked Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani to share his prediction on live television.

Click the video below to hear his shocking take…


Five Days in the Life of a Night Trader...

He’s rich. He’s influential. And his lifestyle is the envy of the investing world...

On Wednesday, after the markets closed, he hit a few buttons on his smartphone.

On Thursday, he went golfing.

On Friday, his entire portfolio was up 83%.

On Saturday and Sunday, he stayed at a five-star resort in the Inner Harbor.

On Monday, he checked his account again and saw 102% additional total gains.

In all, the Night Trader saw 217% total gains in less than a week. And now, he’s sharing his strategy for the first time ever. Go here now

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