Jeff Sessions Is Gone, and Pot Stocks Are Soaring

We knew Nov. 7 was going to be a historic day for the cannabis sector - we've been saying as much in the lead-up to the midterms.

But as we've also seen, the marijuana industry moves at hyper speed. And the real post-election story was virtually impossible to predict, at least in terms of timing.

By midday Wednesday, the markets had woken up to the fact that voters in one of the most populous states, Michigan, and one of the most conservative states, Utah, had opened the door to legal marijuana in some form or another, and stocks spent a couple of hours gaining in value.

But then... it happened.

The No. 1 opponent of legal cannabis in the United States lost every ounce of his power to hold back the fastest-growing industry on the planet. Investors need to know just how important this is to the growth of cannabis as a business in the United States.

This is huge...

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Sessions Out, Smart Reforms Could Be In

Jeff Sessions, the (former) Attorney General of the United States, resigned under pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump. It's been apparent for quite some time that Sessions was losing favor with the president, who, after all, acknowledged the positive results medical marijuana was having as far back as the Republican primaries. Trump even said during a tarmac-side presser that he would sign certain pro-cannabis measures should they make it to his desk.

So, it was really just a matter of time before Trump officially asked Sessions to leave his post.

But nobody predicted it would come in the hours following the most closely watched midterm elections in modern memory.

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The important thing for investors is that Sessions, in his capacity as attorney general, had direct authority over many of the federal agencies that enforce the federal government's prohibition on cannabis.

He was without doubt the most vocal and high-profile cannabis opponent within the Trump administration. After all, it was Sessions who caused multiple pot stock crashes in 2017, both with public threats to the industry and with spats with other cabinet members who see marijuana as a medicine.

In other words, an administration with Sessions in it was unlikely to do anything positive about cannabis.

With Sessions gone, cannabis stocks spent the rest of Wednesday's (and Thursday's) trading session soaring.

But even with this new development, the path isn't quite wide open.

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The new acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker, doesn't have much of a history of commenting on cannabis. And while Trump and many among his cabinet have made positive comments about cannabis, there's been little presented in the way of a plan of action during Trump's tenure so far.

That creates uncertainty about timing - though we know that legalization, as an end goal, is on the horizon within the next few years. Poll numbers show this, and recent "baby steps" by government actions such as the approval of a cannabis-based drug by a federal agency strongly hint at it. Even the well-connected former Speaker of the House John Boehner all but confirmed it during the National Institute for Cannabis Investors' American Cannabis Summit.

So, all this creates uncertainty over the timetable of events. But though it may seem counterintuitive, this lingering uncertainty is actually a good thing - a very good thing - for cannabis investors.

Let me tell you why...

Catalyst "Chains" Will Spark Massive Cannabis Gains

We're essentially left with a situation where issues facing the cannabis industry, like state-by-state or federal legalization, will be resolved in a piecemeal way.

As these piecemeal issues are grappled with and resolved - say a state legislature takes some positive action, or if a new drug gets FDA approval, or the DEA reshuffles the controlled substances tables - there will likely be further instances of substantial stock spikes such as we've seen recently.

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We can identify several "uncertainties" that will be clarified in just the next few months:

  • Two eastern U.S. states will approve recreational-use cannabis.
  • The Farm Bill will pass Congress - and the president will sign it - further normalizing hemp as a crop like wheat or corn.
  • The Medical Cannabis Research Act will pass Congress - and the president will sign it - requiring the Department of Justice to allow more domestic production of cannabis dedicated to research purposes.

Beyond that, there could be several "surprises" such as we've just seen - more in timing than with what actually happens.

Banking reform, tax reform, and increased access to cannabis for veterans are all issues that congressional committees are already taking up. Even the biggest event of all - the removal of THC-containing cannabis from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act - could come at a moment's notice.

The industry could double in the blink of an eye at that point.

All of these "uncertainties" and the "surprises" will produce big gains for cannabis investors when they happen.

The key is to have your money properly positioned before that happens.

Because as we saw this week, the stock price surge is almost immediate - by the time you get an order in, you've missed out on a portion of those gains; gains like those my Cannabis Investor's Report subscribers getting the chance to enjoy right now.

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