Keith's Fast Profits Play

The trade recommendation Keith Fitz-Gerald just shared with you is the perfect way to capture this month's wild volatility.

All you have to do is follow his "Weekly Whizbang" strategy to profit from chipmaker Nvidia's imminent rebound.

There are a slew of reasons why Keith expects a turnaround from Nvidia:

  • It's been caught up in a broader tech sell-off that won't stick.
  • It's about to work out its earnings issues over the next quarter or two.
  • It's a chipmaker - and computer chips like the ones it makes are key to everything.

And as he just shared with you, there's one way to play it for the fastest profits right now.

Here's what Keith suggests you do:

Simultaneously sell-to-open the NVDA Dec. 7, 2018 $152.50 Call (NVDA181207C00152500) and buy-to-open the NVDA Dec. 14, 2018 $150 Call (NVDA181214C00150000). Limit your debit to $2.75.

Look to get out of this trade once you reach a 100% gain or exit the morning of Dec. 7.

And for even faster profits now, Keith's got something very special lined up for you.

"X Pattern" trade recommendations.

He's betting $9.75 million that you'll be able to use them to capture 350% gains every single week... for the rest of your life.

He would know... he invented them.

Even better, "X Pattern" trade recommendations are incredibly simple to understand.

All you need to do is buy when you see the first "X"...

And sell when you see it again. That's it.

And once you know how to spot these patterns, the profit opportunities are virtually endless.

Keith explains everything to you - in detail - right here.

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