Chris Johnson's Fast Profits Earnings Play

Chris Johnson just showed you how to turn this earnings season chaos into a huge profit opportunity.

These are exactly the kind of trades he spots with his Night Trader system. As you heard, this system sorts through all the companies coming out with reports looking to help Chris find the single best trade to double your money - or better. And it can be immensely profitable.

Just look at the huge win streaks this system helped Chris recommend to his readers in 2018 alone:

Ten trades with a combined 407.61% gains...

Seven trades worth 832.07% in profits...

Nine trades that brought in 475.56%....

Twenty-three trades totaling 1,033.07% in gains...

And just recently, 12 trades worth a whopping 903.10%!

In fact, his system is so efficient, Chris is able to give his readers the opportunity to become 50%, 75%, even 125% richer every single night.

As a Fast Profits Member, you have an opportunity to join them.

Click here to learn how to get started today.

And here are the details of the trade recommendation Chris shared with you today:

Buy CREE Mach 15, 2019 $48 calls (CREE190315C00048000) now. They recently traded around $3.13.

For your profit-taking exit, look to sell at a 100% gain as CREE stock reaches $52.

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