Take 8 Minutes to Watch This... Because "Die Early or Broke" Shouldn't Be Part of the Plan

In 2019, the median income in the United States will likely top $60,336, while an American can, on average, expect to live well past their 78th birthday.

The official retirement age - the "kick-in" for full Social Security benefits - is now 66 years and two months. That's up to a maximum of $2,861; the estimated average monthly benefit is $1,461.

Lurking between the lines of these dry numbers are some frankly pretty shocking implications...

If you're among the 58% of Americans who have any retirement savings at all, you stand a very good chance of outliving your money by a considerable margin.

The grass doesn't look much greener on the other side. Forty-two percent of Americans haven't saved a nickel and are relying on a Social Security system that looks more and more like the Alamo each year to provide essentially all of their retirement income.

So retirement is a big problem right now, but the proposed solutions all seem to boil down to "invest earlier and save more." That's hardly helpful.

What will help - what could potentially bring the retirement crisis to an end for everyone - is to learn exactly how to make your money make you money.

That's just what I'm here to help you do today: to help you secure a good monthly income for yourself and develop a plan to keep doing it, over and over again...

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