The Last Time We Made a Move Like This, We Saw Peak Gains of 110%

Your Fast Profits expert, Chris Johnson, has a unique strategy for finding profits.

While the algorithms and data analysis behind his method are complex, the process is simple: Find the strongest sectors that are leading the market higher. Then, pinpoint exactly which stocks in those sectors are the strongest - the most likely to produce big returns.

This method has allowed him to close out winner after winner - with no signs of slowing down.

In fact, the last time Chris shared a trade recommendation like this on Fast Profits, viewers had the opportunity to cash out a 110% peak gain!

Now, he's doing it again and showing us how to get a quick 100% gain (or better) from one of the best-performing stocks in a leading sector. Here's Chris...

Your Fast Profits Trade Details

Chris Johnson just showed you how to potentially double your money with his latest "best in breed" opportunity.

Here's what to do...

Buy ON April 18, 2019 $21 calls (ON190418C00021000) for $2 or less. These calls are just slightly in the money right now and are trading around $1.80.

This is the only trade you'll get from Chris this month as a Fast Profits Member (limiting your chances to make money). But right now, you can give yourself the opportunity to get ALL of Chris' recommendations as soon as they're released by joining the Members of his Night Trader Nation.

That means you can see gains like 50%... 75%... or even 125% all by the time you check your account the next day... over and over again.

Just look at the huge win streaks this system helped Chris recommend to his readers in 2018 alone:

Ten trades with a combined 407.61% gains...

Seven trades worth 832.07% in profits...

Nine trades that brought in 475.56%...

Twenty-three trades totaling 1,033.07% in gains...

And just recently, 12 trades worth a whopping 903.10%!

As a Fast Profits Member, you have the opportunity to get in on every single one of these trades starting TONIGHT.

Click here to learn how.

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The stock market recently experienced its worst October since 2008.

But since late September, this man has delivered a perfect 20-0 record in closed trades with the help of his brand-new Infrared Index.

And it's expected to continue to produce massive profit opportunities, like 157% in total returns in just 24 hours.

In fact, there's a new trade opportunity coming out tonight.

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