The Next Tech Stock to Buy Ahead of the $1.3 Trillion 5G Boom

With the new 5G technology, the likelihood of a cell phone connection saving your life is very high.

And we aren't talking about calling for emergency help, either.

5g stockWith health sensors galore and seamless data transmission thanks to 5G, you could be lying in bed lost in restful sleep, never knowing that your body was in trouble.

Before you know it, you are in the back of an ambulance being rushed to the hospital.


Because your phone sensed trouble and alerted the authorities before you even knew there was an issue.

That is the potential - and coming reality - thanks to 5G.

No wonder this market is estimated to be a $1.3 trillion opportunity.

The ever-growing complexity of the world requires 5G. The productivity gains across multiple sectors will be transformative. That's creating companies exposed to 5G growth some of the best tech stocks to watch.

You will not want to miss the 5G train.

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But finding the best 5G stocks to buy now isn't quite so easy.

That's where Money Morning Stock VQScore™ comes in handy.

And one of the best 5G technology stocks got one of our highest VQScore ratings, and it has everything you need to profit from the 5G explosion.

Here's everything you need to know about one of the top tech stocks to buy now...

A Top 5G Stock to Buy Now

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Juniper Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) is one of our top tech stocks to buy with its perfect 4.75 VQScore.

Not only is the stock a breakout candidate according to our proprietary stock-ranking system, it's also plugged into the 5G revolution.

5G solves many problems with respect to data transmission and reliability. And this requires fast, reliable networks built and provided by Juniper.

Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on your perspective - shares of Juniper have been trending lower on worries about macroeconomic data.

After peaking near $30 per share, the stock has dropped 10%, having difficulty getting out of correction territory.

That's an opportunity, in my opinion.

In the near term, analysts are expecting Juniper to grow profits by 14% from the current year to the next, but those numbers fail to incorporate the rapid deployment and evolution of 5G.

To the extent the economy continues expanding, my bet is that Juniper will blow away current estimates.

As the stock only trades for 15 times current-year estimated earnings, there is plenty of upside here.

The big driver for a potential earnings surprise will be autonomous driving, a technology made a reality by 5G connectivity. Autonomous cars can't function without seamless connectivity.

The $5 billion in sales at Juniper currently pales in comparison to the $1.3 trillion market that 5G will unleash. And Wall Street analysts have yet to incorporate that value in terms of valuing companies poised to profit from 5G.

But there is just no stopping the 5G train.

And if you want an even better opportunity in the 5G sector, then look no further...

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