Forget What You've Heard; Chinese Stocks Are Booming - Here's Our Top Pick

The financial press has to be the single biggest contrarian indicator for serious investors right now.

By the time "the news" has a story, the market has almost always figured it out already.

In other words, if you hear it in the news, you are usually too late.

I'll go one step further. If you hear about an investment class or stock in the media, you should go the other way. That's exactly what's happening with Chinese stocks.

Another great example would be the huge run-up in the digital currency Bitcoin.

Long a story for the dark web, Bitcoin started running before it became big news.

When the hot new thing in currency hit $20,000, the financial press ran headlines over and over about how Bitcoin was going to make people rich.

How did that go for those that bought Bitcoin then?

After the media hysteria, the price of Bitcoin collapsed and now sits around $5,000.

Investors would have been well served to short Bitcoin when the headlines ran amok.

The same thing is happening today with respect to China's economy.

Story after story is claiming the behemoth market is losing its luster.

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According to the financial press, the end of the China boom could mean a disaster for investors in Chinese stocks.

I get it. The first layer of the story is a bit scary - the Chinese economy is indeed slowing.

In late January, it was announced that China's economy grew at 6.6% in 2018, the slowest pace in 28 years.

That news became an actual headline for CNBC, with the rest of the financial press taking a similar sensationalist view of the seemingly tepid growth.

Investors looking simply at the headlines may have concluded they should avoid China stocks.

That, of course, was a poor decision.

So far in 2019, Chinese stocks have far outperformed the rest of the market. Year to date, the SPDR S&P China Index is up 22% compared to only 15% for the S&P 500.

And this outperformance will continue as China's government and central bank work feverishly to inflate the economy back to the roaring double-digit growth rates.

So while Chinese stocks have rallied, they are likely to rally even further.

The fact that the financial press hasn't ran with the China stock rally bodes well for the future.

That's where we turn to the Money Morning Stock VQScore™.

This week, our highest-rated stock comes directly from China with the added benefit of being a company operating in the alternative energy space - a sector that is likely to outperform the rest of the market thanks to ever-higher oil prices.

Here are the best Chinese stocks to buy today...

This Is One of the Best Chinese Stocks to Buy Today for Massive Profits

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Today's pick is JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. (NYSE: JKS).

And when it comes to this stock, the financial press is good at diversions.

In this case, the fear-mongering headlines of a vast Chinese economic retreat are clearly overblown. But even if there is a modicum of truth to the story, investors would be wise to find a stock that is insulated from economic weakness.

At the same time, when the story turns out to be fraudulent and the Chinese economy roars to life, we want a stock that can ride the wave higher.

Sounds like the perfect investment to me - upside growth with downside protection.

The VQScore identified the perfect play in JinkoSolar.

Jinko is a pure solar play in a monster market.

With oil prices soaring above $60 per barrel and going higher, the risk for Jinko is quite low, even if the rough patch in the country continues longer than expected.

That explains why Jinko shares have almost doubled in value in 2019 alone.

The ride isn't over, not even close.

From a valuation standpoint, the ride is just getting started.

Analysts expect Jinko to grow profits by 15% this year.

With the stock trading for only nine times 2018 earnings, we could see shares double from current levels.

There's your upside with downside protection.

The financial press has entirely missed the story here.

We are in the midst of a coordinated effort to inflate the global economy, including China.

Any weakness is old news.

The most likely scenario is that China roars to life and oil prices zoom to $100 per barrel.

In that scenario, an alternative energy stock like Jinko could triple in value.

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