This Is the Simple Way You Can Turn Earnings Season into Powerful Profits

We love earnings season - and if you've been following along, you probably do, too.

Earnings season is the single best time of year you can turn share price moves into double, triple, even 500% profits, in just days or weeks.

That's because earnings can trigger exponentially bigger moves in stock prices. A typical week might bring a 0.5%, or maybe 1%, move in a stock. But when reports come out, we see prices move 5%, 10%, even 20%.

Better yet - we know WHEN companies will report earnings, so we can set up ahead of time to collect these potential gains.

That's exactly what our Fast Profits guest Chris Johnson, editor of Seismic Profits Alert, shows you how to do today. Chris is the go-to trader to make money during earnings season. In fact, he just released a Q1 Earnings Season Playbook, and you can find out how to get a copy right here.

We asked for a sneak peek to earnings profits, and he gave us one - check it out:


The Single Best Sector You Can Make Money on Next Week

Chris just gave Fast Profits Members a special earnings season trade recommendation. Here are those details:

Buy TRV July 19, 2019 $140 calls (TRV190719140000), currently trading around $3.10. Buy up to $3.60.

What he didn't share - but you can still access - is the BEST sector to play this earnings season for the BIGGEST profits.

You see, as Chris told us in the above video, he makes an earnings scorecard every year that shows him where the biggest moneymaking opportunities are.

His proprietary scorecard takes all the data that can affect a stock's move - earnings history, expectations, historical price moves - and gives him the likely profit potential for companies reporting earnings.

Then he turns those scores into profits - specifically, this year, a chance to make $30,000 in the next 10 weeks.

Chris's system is the simplest, best way to take the 8,000 earnings reports flooding the market in the next few weeks and turn them into potential gains in your portfolio.

And this year, he's sharing his Earnings Season Playbook.

In it, he pinpointed the single best sector and that sector's strongest stocks - the "Best in Breed," as he's detailed here on Fast Profits - to follow this season.

And the action starts as soon as next week. Because that's when 33 stocks that could make a huge leap in this sector start to report their earnings.

Just go here to find out how you can get Chris' Earnings Season Playbook, so that you don't miss another quarter of potential moneymaking.

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