The Easiest Way to Capture Your Share of Trillions in Global Wealth

It's a sad story I hear all the time in my capacity as Chief Investment Strategist: Many investors look at convoluted, confusing "2D" stock charts, or read or listen to analysts and talking heads nattering on about "beta," "moving averages," or "P/E ratios," and think to themselves, "This investing thing is waaaaay too complicated for me."

I think that's tragic, and I've devoted my life to helping regular folks overcome that fear - a fear Wall Street's gone to considerable trouble to spread, I might add - and build the kind of lasting wealth they deserve.

Because the simple fact is you don't need ANY of that "stuff" to start pulling in the profits, week after week, in good times and bad.

You won't hear about this on the news or from your broker. It doesn't involve complicated moves or require you to put a boatload of money at risk.

You simply have to buy the right stocks at the right time.

"Well, duh..." I can hear you saying, "... but how do I do that?!"

It's far more straightforward than you might think...

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Why We Follow the Unstoppable Trends

Most investment analysis, especially from Wall Street, is sorely lacking; it doesn't show you how to "sort the wheat from the chaff" or explain how to actually get your money where it's needed most.

And it certainly won't help you build wealth through thick and thin in all kinds of market conditions.

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The sad truth is that most investors don't understand this, so they lurch from hot tip to hot tip, each time losing more money along the way.

Isn't that outrageous?

I think so.

That's why I created Total Wealth, and it's why I continually hammer on the six "Unstoppable Trends" we follow there:

  • Technology
  • Medicine
  • Energy
  • Scarcity and allocation
  • Demographics
  • War, terrorism, and ugliness

It's the essence of simplicity.

Align your money with these six trends by adding companies that work within them and profit from them. Do that, and making profits is easy, because every single one of these trends is backed by trillions of dollars in money that'll get spent, no matter what.

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Avoid like the plague the "nice to have" companies that might make headlines but that are imperfectly aligned with the Unstoppable Trends.

Take Lyft Inc. (NASDAQ: LYFT) for example, or even Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA).

I hate to keep picking on these guys, but neither company is tapped into the trends I'm talking about. Forget about the autonomous vehicles they promise or the ride-hailing app that will supposedly change the universe.

Both companies are nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Lyft, according to its own documents, may never be profitable. Tesla, on the other hand, continually promises but somehow never delivers, leading CNBC's Jim Cramer to liken Chair Elon Musk to circus legend P.T. Barnum.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, you've got the quality companies we follow...

These Firms Are Indispensable to the Modern World

Take a company like Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), add in synergistic investments in retail, big data, cloud computing, and all sorts of other things, and now you're talking about something that works synergistically with the world we live in - something consumers absolutely cannot live without.

Combine that with the very real need to make every dollar go further, and suddenly you're tapped into scarcity and allocation, one of the six trends that are changing our world right now, and will do so for decades, if not centuries, to come.

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Amazon isn't about shopping, or even disrupting retail like most people think. It's about realigning increasingly scarce social capital both literally and figuratively. It's okay if you want to say it also taps into technology, another of the six Unstoppable Trends - a lot of people do.

But Amazon is several generations ahead of the competition. That's why it's trading at $1,900-plus a share and why Jeff Bezos has gone from selling books to selling virtually everything under the sun in barely 20 years.

Investing in a company like Amazon can make the difference between getting only a fraction of the profits you deserve... or all the money you can handle and then some.

Case in point: If you'd been following along when I recommended Amazon to my paid Money Map Report subscribers three years ago, you'd have had the chance to turn every $10,000 invested into $20,549.64. (You can always click right here to learn more about my Money Map Report investing research.)

But here's the most important takeaway today: Capturing big, life-changing profits isn't necessarily about picking stocks. To really unleash the power and the profits you deserve, you've got to line up with where the money's going - no matter where in the world - and understand why.

Because these are companies forging a path ahead and, in doing so, creating huge profits for savvy investors that have gotten on board. With their perfect "Unstoppable Trends" alignment and the talented, visionary leadership they possess, there's almost nothing they can't do.

The only catch is that you have to be on board.

You have absolutely nothing to lose... except for the profits that will go to Wall Street if you're not "in it to win it."

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