How You Can Turn a Sneaky Stock Buyback Plan into Your Next 100% Gain

Stock buybacks sound great - but the truth this, they often put more money in management's pockets than in your portfolio.

Even worse, they usually hide how a company's really doing, making earnings per share look better than it really is.

But the truth always comes out. And an initial bump in share price thanks to some "clever" buyback action doesn't last.

That means you can make money when you're positioned to profit from a stock coming down off that "buyback high." And that's what Shah Gilani, editor of 10X Trader, shows you how to do today.

In this Fast Profits recommendation, Shah shows you the latest stock buyback plan that you can turn into profit. Take a look:


Your Fast Profits Trade Details and How to Get More "10X Plays"

Shah just broke down for you how you can turn a stock buyback manipulation into money in your pocket. Here's his Fast Profits trade recommendation on IBM:

Buy IBM July 19, 2019 $120 puts (IBM190719P00120000). Pay up to $0.55.

Exit: Take half your position off when you get a 50% gain. Take the other half off when you get a 100% gain or more.

Safety stop: If IBM stock trades up to $145.50, sell your puts for whatever you can get for them.

This is just one recommendation Shah sees as a potential moneymaker in the markets today. He has his eyes on plenty more. We call them his 10X plays - because they give you a real shot to make 10 times your money, and fast.

He just started releasing these 10X plays recently, after rigorous back-testing on every possible outcome. And if you'd had the benefit of these 10X plays in the last two weeks, you could have seen 38 winners, including gains of 2,250%, 4,400%, 6,700%, and many more.

At this moment, Shah is releasing three new 10X plays, every single one of them with the potential to deliver massive gains. You can find out how to get all his 10X plays right here - and give yourself the opportunity to bank thousands more in profits.

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