How We'll Use the Money Calendar to Find June's Potential Fast Profits

Tom Gentile's profit mantra is simple:

Spot the opportunity. Create the low-risk trade. Plan and execute.

It's this easy-to-follow strategy that has let him deliver peak gains for Fast Profits members like 228% on DHI, and just recently 85% on BIDU.

To spot these potential fast profit opportunities, Tom uses his Money Calendar. It doesn't get more clear-cut than this - the Money Calendar breaks down the bearish and bullish opportunities on each trading day, and even color codes them so you can easily scan it and see what's ahead.

So today, Tom is giving you a sneak peek at June's Money Calendar. Of course, his subscribers get multiple trade recommendations from this strategy, but he is sharing one with you now. It lets you harness the profit power of a $250 stock for as little as $3.50. Check it out here:


Let Tom Help You Take Control of Your Financial Future

Here is this week's Fast Profits trade recommendation from Tom:

Entry Instructions

Buy-to-open NTES July 19, 2019 $265 calls (NTES190719C00265000) - AND sell-to-open NTES July 19, 2019 $275 calls (NTES190719C00275000).

Pay no more than $3.50.

Enter as a Good-till-Canceled (GTC) order.

Exit Strategy

SELL-to-CLOSE NTES July 19, 2019 $265 calls (NTES190719C00265000) AND BUY-to-CLOSE NTES July 19, 2019 $275 calls (NTES190719C00275000) for 100% gains - or at market by 3 p.m. EST (the day before expiration).

As you can see, Tom's Money Calendar is a powerful tool - one you can't get anywhere else, either. That's why we're thrilled Tom shares it with us and his subscribers.

The Money Calendar offers an active, disciplined approach to making money that really gets people closer to their investing goals. Sure, being able to find good stocks to buy is important, but knowing how to trade these stocks no matter what conditions are present is how you can take control of your wealth.

In fact, the Money Calendar could be the best path to consistent income available to you today. It allows you to mark down "payday" appointments on the calendar that can deliver checks with a potential $1,190... $1,313... even $2,830.

Tom shows you how the Money Calendar can work for you in his Cash Course, one of the best ways to get to know Tom's strategies and how they can deliver profits.

Just click here to see all the details on how you, too, can join Tom's Cash Course and get the Money Calendar payday appointments for yourself.

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