How You Can Get Fast Profits from Cannabis Stocks

Just recently, an incredible new opportunity opened up to investors. And it comes with the potential to double or triple your money in just weeks.

Of course, this is the perfect kind of play for our Fast Profits audience. So we asked our trading pro Tom Gentile to show you the profit potential of these relatively new trades, plus share a recommendation with you.

That's what he has for you today - a special cannabis play that gives you a chance at a 100% gain or better. He walks you through the trade right here - take a look:

There's more from Tom on the profit power of Cannabis Lots - find out everything you need to know here, so you don't miss any of these opportunities.

There's Just an Incredible Amount of Profit Potential in the Cannabis Markets...

Today Tom showed you how you can turn the rapidly growing cannabis space into fast profits. Here's his recommendation:

Buy ABT Sept. 20, 2019 $87.50 Call (ABT190920C00087500). Pay up to $3.

Now, I don't like to use the phrase "historic opportunity" unless it's legit, and these Cannabis Lots are truly that...

As Tom mentioned in today's video, Cannabis Lots haven't been around that long, and they still aren't available on all cannabis stocks. But the ones you can get have been delivering gains that I just don't want you to miss out on.

Simply put - they could give you the biggest, fastest-moving cannabis opportunities you can get your hands on.

Since these investment vehicles first became available just a few months ago, Tom's data has shown gains of...

  • 7,500% in four days
  • 3,113% in four days
  • 1,269% in 19 days
  • 2,800% in 13 days
  • 1,353% in 11 days
  • 1,960% in 36 days
  • 2,650% in 63 days
  • 3,400% in 24 hours

I've put all the info you need right here to learn how you can get in these opportunities. And now's a perfect time - a new Cannabis Lot trade recommendation will come out soon.

You can make sure you don't miss it if you check this out today.

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