It's Time to Get Fast Profits from These Small-Cap Signals

Right now, the market is flashing a signal that we’re heading into bearish territory – and we know just how to play it for a chance to double your money.

Chris Johnson joined us again this week to give us his top recommendation for a falling market. The big signal showing him it’s time to make this trade is the lagging performance of small caps. That’s a clear indicator to get into the position we’re giving you today.

Here’s Chris, walking you through this play:

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$10,000 a Week in Profit Potential, Right Here

Today, Chris Johnson showed you how you can profit in a bearish market, as more signals point to stocks taking a dip over the next couple of months.

Here’s that recommendation:

Buy the ProShares UltraPro Short Russell 2000 (SRTY) for $28.50 or better.

Alternatively, those that would like to leverage the move further with an option can buy the IWM Sept. 20, 2019 $145 puts (IWM190920P00145000) for $3.50 or better.

This is what we love about the recommendations Chris and other Fast Profits experts give. They can help you make money when markets are going up or down.

And that’s why we want to remind you about the opportunity you have, now, to get more recommendations from Chris. Because if you’re only getting his Fast Profits trades, you’re missing out on tens and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in possible profits.

Just take a look at whatever you’re gaining from your investments and trades today. Imagine adding as much as $10,000 to that each week – no matter what the market does…

How much faster would that help you reach your goals? Or exceed them?

That’s what Chris aims to help you do with his unique method for profiting from the market. It gives you a moneymaking edge over most investors trading today.

That’s because Chris likes to “break Wall Street’s rules.” He doesn’t follow the same playbook most traders use – the one where everyone panics when the market falls, sells their stocks, and ends up losing money when they rebound.

 His method is simple. And it all starts with changing one simple trading habit.

 I know it sounds too easy… so here are the facts:

Chris unveiled this method just last year. The folks following along could have amassed $517,093 in that first year alone.

That’s more than half a million dollars last year… and some of the payouts have been as big as $1,750… $2,750… even $5,100 in just one night.

So if you haven’t checked out what Chris’ strategy is all about, you owe it to yourself not to miss another profit opportunity.

You could get started as early as tonight, if you want.

You can just click here to learn more.

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