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The Three "Big If" Sectors Every Forward-Looking, Profit-Oriented Investor Should Own Today

The end of summer or any change of season is a natural time to look back and reflect; I know I made plenty of happy memories this summer with family and friends – and I hope you did, too.

As rewarding as that can be, we should take care that "looking back" doesn't become the almost permanent condition of "focusing on the past."

Millions of investors are focused on the past right now, for a number of reasons: They're thinking about past earnings or past performance, or they might be apprehensive about the future, say, with the feeling that things were "just simpler back then."

Especially when it comes to how they view current headlines.

I don't blame 'em, though.

It may feel comforting, but that focus puts those investors at a huge disadvantage – because it's the future that matters, both in terms of how we live our lives and how we make our money.

These investors have essentially been conditioned to believe that life moves because of what's already happened. So they see the financial markets the same way and, not surprisingly, get stuck in a rut – an expensive one, at that.

That's too bad, especially right now. Here's why...

This Company Can Send California Cannabis Revenue Soaring 50%

You've got to hand it to 'em: California lawmakers definitely set their sights high when they legislated for full "adult use" cannabis legalization in the Golden State.

So they aimed high… and went a little wide of the mark. Or, more to the point, shot themselves in the foot. Those same legislators – and bureaucrats – have mucked up the implementation of full adult-use legalization.

Fortunately for us cannabis investors, private enterprise is stepping into the breech to help sort out the problems.

So the phenomenon I call "California 2.0," the second, even bigger wave of Golden State cannabis profits, won't be long in coming...

One of the Best Marijuana Stocks to Invest in Is Trading at an Incredible Discount

I love it when institutional money managers start snooping around the stocks I've already identified as big winners down the road.That extra buying power can provide a huge catalyst to the names I already love.

What stocks have been beaten up the most of late? Cannabis stocks.

With all the selling cannabis stocks have seen, value managers are swooping in looking for a bargain. I say have at it.

And one of the best marijuana stocks to invest in is trading at absolute bargain levels right now.

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