This High-Yield REIT Will Pay You Over 9%

Retail stocks aren't as popular as they used to be, but there's still an opportunity to cash in on the space. In fact, one of the top high-yield REITs we'll be looking at today could be the perfect play on the industry.

Yes, retail stores are in choppy waters. But it doesn't mean it'll be that way in the long term. Beyond that, it doesn't mean you can't make big returns from the retail sector either. And some of the top REITs to buy could be your ticket to profits.

Right now, consulting firm McKinsey & Co. is doubling down on reviving retail. It's opening a "retail laboratory" at Minneapolis' Mall of America. Its goal is to use the pop-up store to test new ideas and technologies to make retail more competitive.

Some of these things include "smart mirrors." With smart mirrors, buyers could check out products in different styles and colors without having to physically grab the items.

Other major retail stores like Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) have already created their own labs for AI software.

And plenty more companies are following suit. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBY) is also opening several "lab stores" to easily look at products and layouts.

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For the firms that get in on the future of retail right, there could be billions for the taking. And you can already see where it's going.

This mix of online and brick-and-mortar retail stores could completely revitalize struggling shopping malls.

While some may think the end is near for big retail spaces, we don't really see that happening.

Beyond the retail labs, shopping centers are converting spaces into community areas. Some are shared work spaces and offices, while others are becoming health clinics and assisted living units.

Yet, that hasn't stopped fears from trampling on the idea of owning shopping mall REITs.

Because of this, some REITs are trading at a bargain. That means share-price upside and a massive dividend yield.

For folks looking for great upside and a high-yield REIT, we have an awesome pick for you today - and it pays a whopping 9%.

Here's one of our best REITs to invest in now...

The Best High-Yield REIT Rewards Investors

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Our top REIT to buy now is Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc. (NYSE: SKT).

Similar to other REITs in the retail space, this stock has seen a rocky 2019. In fact, it's down 33%.

The company's cash flow has taken a hit as a result of several store closings. Fortunately, this doesn't spell disaster.

In fact, there's uncertainty around whether or not these store closings will impact Tanger's dividend.

And, at the moment, its dividend yield is a massive 9.76%.

In 2019, it's expected to make $1.34 per share for shareholders. However, it'll dip slightly to $0.83 per share once 2020 rolls in.

Yes, that's a pretty big dip, but the firm has plenty of cash to pay out dividends.

Firms like Sears continue to lease out space from Tanger. And plenty of retailers, even Sears, are paying rent just fine.

Since Tanger's shares are trading only 11 times its 2019 earnings, it's available for a bargain. So, investors looking for big dividend payouts could easily profit from Tanger.

In fact, when investors quickly buy stocks like Tanger, valuations normally rise above 20.

If we go off of the forecast of $0.83 per share over the next year, it'll be trading at 18 times earnings.

But it's also possible the firm will do much better than the anticipated $0.83 per share.

With the economy receiving support from the Federal Reserve, lower interest rates could increase consumer spending and confidence in retail.

Beyond that, average incomes are going up, and that means even more retail spending.

If firms like McKinsey & Co nail their online/in-person retail hybrid, more stores will open up and replace the ones that have closed in recent years.

That's how evolution in the retail space works.

When the outlook is uncertain for a sector, you can still successfully invest. And in many cases, that's the time to buy.

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