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Your Cannabis Legalization Outlook for 2020

You know from our cannabis coverage that legalization is one of the biggest catalysts for profits. And 2020 is going to be huge for both legalization efforts and profit opportunity.

So going into this key election year, I want to help you all be the most informed cannabis investors in the nation.

Here's where we are: Currently, 33 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized medical marijuana, while recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states and Washington, D.C. That means some form of cannabis is legal in 44 states, plus the capital.

Now, there are 10 states I have my eye on that are most likely to legalize marijuana in 2020. Each one could crack open the U.S. cannabis market a little wider in 2020, giving us plenty of moneymaking potential.

I was already excited about these prospects – and a recent development in Michigan is giving us even better news about what next year has in store… Full Story

I was already excited about these prospects - and a recent development in Michigan is giving us even better news about what next year has in store... Full Story

The 10 Commandments of Options Trading in 2020

I began building my proprietary trading models in 1998, analyzing about 2,000 records per day.

Today, that database, which I designed and coded from scratch, analyzes a staggering 700,000 records per day.

But today I want to introduce you to something simpler.

I've developed 10 easy-to-follow, must-know "commandments" that could save you years of trial and error.

Here they are...

The 3 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in 2020

Stocks are hovering at all-time-highs to close the year.

And one of our top penny stocks to watch is riding the tide.

Because of their low share price, penny stocks can generate huge percentage returns in short amounts of time.

And this penny stock is poised to soar 153%.


Here’s How to Make Money Investing in Pre-IPO Stocks

You can generate incredible wealth by investing in firms before they go public.

Here, we’re going to show you how to make money investing in pre-IPO stocks.

For many folks, they view initial public offerings (IPOs) as the way to get a crack at money-doubling gains.

But most people don’t realize they’re settling for overhyped and overpriced stocks.

While IPOs are the first time retail investors can buy a company’s stock on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, you can see greater potential returns by investing in companies pre-IPO.


Looks Like the Fed’s Been Duped – but It Hasn’t “Lost Control”

Rumors of the Federal Reserve's demise – in part because it was "duped" by the biggest bank in the United States – have been greatly exaggerated, though headlines would have us believe otherwise.

MarketWatch declared in April, "The Federal Reserve Has Lost Control of the Financial Markets."

The Wall Street Journal asked in June, "Has the Fed Lost Its Mojo?"

Not only has there been no letup, but fearmongering headlines are being ratcheted up.

Just last week, on Dec. 18, The Economist, with a graphic of a fire extinguisher in the shape of a dollar sign poised over rising flames, cautioned, "Despite the Fed's Efforts, the Repo Market Risks More Turbulence."

Repos (repurchase agreements) are short-term borrowing facilities traded in the fed funds market, where banks and other systemically important financial players borrow from each other. It is frightening that they blew up in September – right under the Fed's nose.

It's even more frightening that the turn of the year could put exponentially more pressure on repo rates, and spiking rates could force selling – with continued selling as margin calls force asset prices lower and lower.

Once again, it looks like we're looking over the edge of an abyss at potentially huge market losses.

But the truth is, the Fed hasn't lost anything. At least not yet.

Maybe the Fed was duped by the biggest bank in the United States into restarting quantitative easing. Or maybe it saw what was happening and let it happen to scare the hell out of banks and overleveraged hedge funds.

No one knows the truth there. The Fed's never going to tell.

But the "Fed's lost control" narrative is fake news. Sure, one hand came off the tiller, but it still has control of the ship. At least for now.

Let's take a closer look...