Institutional Traders Have Just Signaled Your Next Fast Profits Payday

While the dust clears off the Chinese GDP, this options trade could nearly double your money... or more.

It may seem counterintuitive to be putting money into anything downwind of the Middle Kingdom, given the unsavory market climate following the novel coronavirus outbreak. But today's trade is backed by a clear market signal that takes headline speculation out of the equation.

Though the rapidly recovering market should only act as a catalyst, boosting this stock even higher, today we're not worried about the aftermath of recent events. Because what's lit the path for this profit play is more powerful than any "breaking story."

This week's Fast Profits trade is on a Chinese e-commerce company often found gracing financial reports next to fellow online retailer Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA). Special guest contributor and founder of The 1450 Club Andrew Keene says this stock just got a great, big, flashing "Buy Me" signal from his own trading system.

Andrew often uses technical indicators to pinpoint trading opportunities such as this, so he can see past the media circus and find the diamond in the rough.

In fact, just this week, Andrew closed out a similar trade on Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD).

When he placed this trade, he wasn't leaning on news updates or arbitrary gut instincts - just a simple, clear-cut signal that a rally was imminent. And though the stock only moved about 5%, his options play cashed in a 400% windfall.

And today, a similar signal has framed this company as an ideal trading opportunity.

It's all boiled down to one easily recognizable harbinger of monumental stock growth...

It All Started when he stumbled on an old Japanese book that calls on a rare market anomaly. It appears for one hour a day, Monday through Thursday. THREE incoming trade targets just popped up - and each could hand you a triple-digit windfall...

Today's Fast Profits Trade

Today's underlying stock, Pinduoduo Inc. (NASDAQ: PDD), is an e-commerce holdings company based in Shanghai, China.

Though Greater Asia has no shortage of online retailers, PDD's platform features a social component that could revolutionize the process of online shopping. Described as a "team purchase" model, this platform allows users to build a network of contacts that can shop for the same products, thus earning lower group pricing.

Needless to say, this model could change the online shopping industry as we know it.

In terms of financials, PDD has all its ducks in a row. Debt management is no issue, with liquid assets relatively equal to total liabilities. And according to recent earnings, annual revenue was reported to have grown by 189% in 2019.

But Andrew says the most important profit signal was brought to his attention by his proprietary market screen system: "S.C.A.N." It seems this stock has seen a major influx in "institutional order flow."

This means stock market heavyweights are betting BIG MONEY that PDD will rise in the next few months.

And we're not talking pocket change here. These are the kinds of investors that put down obscene amounts in one sitting. These are investments that you only make if you know something... something the media isn't talking about.

Check out the full trade details from Andrew below...

Action to Take: Buy to open Pinduoduo Inc. (PDD) March 20, 2020 $42 calls (PDD200320C00042000) for no more than $0.80. Sell 50% for $1.20. Then set your final profit target for $1.60.

How to Trade Like the Insiders

Andrew has made his fortune executing trades like the one above. His go-to strategy involves tracking the behavior of Wall Street insiders, be it institutional orders as in today's trade recommendation, or actual insider trading.

His S.C.A.N. trading system can pinpoint insider buying, allowing his subscribers to ride the tailwinds of stock market moguls. It's all powered by a 60-year-old Japanese trading secret.

Using these time-tested algorithms, Andrew was able to multiply his net worth 50x in under two years.

Now, his readers are reaping the rewards.

Just click here to see how Members of The 1450 Club are trading their way to a brand-new life...

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