This Is How to Double Your Money When COVID-19 Panic Slams Stocks

Before Monday, the economic effects of China's viral outbreak were minimal at worst. Then the Dow fell over 1,400 points in three days...

COVID-19 has been coined an "international public health emergency" for weeks now, but the stock market is only just begging to feel the true effects.

So today Chris Johnson, Fast Profits guest and Editor of Night Trader, has joined us to tell you where the opportunity is when the market looks covered in red.

Using the ugly twin to his usual "Best in Breed" stock picks, he's found the "Worst in Breed" - the sector that is getting hit the hardest, and the stock with more pain ahead.

He also gives you a way to play the entire sector's drop. And as usual, the trades are easy to execute - easy enough for his mother to place.

Here's Chris with today's Fast Profits recommendations:

Today's trade details:

Action to Take No. 1 - Place a limit order to buy ProShares UltraShort Financials (NYSEArca: SKF) for no more than $15.50.

Action to Take No. 2 - Buy the July 17, 2020 $120 JPM put (JPM200717P00110000) for no more than $7.

Even though we're staring down the barrel of an all-out public health cataclysm, Chris is still able to find moneymaking opportunities with his "Best In Breed" system.

The key takeaway: There is no such thing as a shortage of opportunity, so long as you know where to look.

Chris knows this better than anyone, except of course for his colleague and fellow Fast Profits guest, Andrew Keene.

If you haven't already seen his special contributions, Andrew's story is pretty incredible...

In a matter of two years, he went from laid-off and living on his last dime to a net worth upwards of $5 MILLION.

He did it all using a stock screening tool of his own making - a system that can pinpoint the activity of Wall Street insiders.

For option traders this could mean some of the largest and fastest would-be paydays you could ever hope for.

But don't take our word for it, click here to see it for yourself.

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