How to Play This DIY Stock Breakout

As stay-at-home orders are gradually lifted one state at a time, the retail sector will be among the first to bounce back, according to Fast Profits guest - and Founding Editor of Night Trader - Chris Johnson.

Among the retail stocks destined to flourish with the coming wave of optimistic consumers will be today's Fast Profits pick, courtesy of Chris. It's a home improvement stock tapped into some of our quarantine resolutions lost to inconvenience during the country-wide lockdown.

We all have them - those pet projects around the house we meant to finally cross off our to-do lists with all this "extra time" on our hands. But with shopping for materials more difficult than ever, our DIY dreams made their way to the back burner.

Well as we regain access to our favorite one-stop shops, Chris is expecting this stock to skyrocket. You can buy the stock now and turn a profit on its post-earnings breakout and/or play it with a call option for even more profit.

Here's Chris with the everything you need to know...

Trade details:

Action to take No. 1: Buy shares of Lowe's Cos. Inc. (NYSE: LOW) with a limit order of $108.

Action to take No. 2: Buy to open the LOW July 17, 2020 $110 call using a limit order of $6.25.

As Chris put it, we're not expecting this to be a drawn-out trade, so you'll want to act fast.

LOW is already up more than 63% over its mid-March support levels, and it's just about ready to blow through its 200-day moving average - a major breakout signal among traders.

Be Ready for What Happens Next

Despite today's bullish trade, Chris isn't holding his breath for a long-term bull market. Though the markets have been looking up lately, key indicators are pointing toward a crash on the horizon.

We've been here before... we've seen this pattern.

During the last major market crash, stocks fell... and recovered... and just when investors thought it was safe to go "all in," stocks fell again - and they fell hard.

It's exactly what Chris says is going to happen again, and soon. In fact, once the real sell-offs start, Chris says we won't see another recovery until September.

But this time, you'll have a way to keep making money - you'll have Chris.

In this webinar, he's showing exactly where he says the market's heading next and how he plans to keep plotting out winning trades even in the worst of times.

And if anyone can turn a profit in a down market, it's Chris - his trade recommendations over the last five weeks have an 83% win rate.

In fact, one of his readers recently quoted a 300% increase in his overall portfolio thanks to these trades.

And now you could start raking in profits like these, whether we keep climbing into a new bull market or drop all the way into a recession.

Just click here and watch Chris show you how...

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