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Why AMC Stock Isn't a Buy Low Right Now

I've seen some fantastic stock opportunities since the pandemic hit the U.S. economy.

We saw the fastest sell-off in history, followed by one of the most rapid recoveries in history.

We've seen (NASDAQ: OSTK) soar tenfold as traders piled into the stock after the selloff.

An unknown company called Genius Brands (NASDAQ: GNUS) ran up fivefold after announcing comic books based on Stan Lee's characters.

Finally, Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH), based in Lafayette, La., jumped more than 1,300% during the pandemic.

These successes have investors looking at beaten-down stocks they think will surely explode higher as soon as the pandemic is behind us.

These are usually airlines, cruise lines, casinos, and theater stocks.

But that's just wishful thinking, especially when it comes to a stock like AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE: AMC).


The Smart "Low-Risk, High-Profit" Way to Own and Trade Gold Right Now

Gold, the oldest protective play there is, is new again. Coronavirus is tightening its grip on the U.S. economy. Did you see the second-quarter GDP numbers? A record-breaking 32% contraction.

The third quarter should be at least a bit better, at least on paper, but with the pandemic no one I know is staking much on that.

No wonder the yellow stuff just hit an all-time high of $1,971 and change just this past Monday. That's a gain of a bit more than 27% for 2020, and 36% for the past year.

I don't think the run is over – not by a long shot. Some conservative analysts are saying gold could top $2,000 an ounce before the year is through. I think that's just like how it sounds: conservative.

At this rate, it's not out of the question to think it could top $2,000 way before Labor Day.

Every investor should have long gold positions right now. They'll be protected, sure, and they'll see some appreciation – even more as the toppy market rolls over and the dollar weakens further.

But here's the thing: For as many investors as are rushing in right now, I'd bet very few will realize how to play gold, let alone maximize their gold profits in this climate. So, before you go out and by so much as a gram, make sure you read this, and make these exact moves… Full Story

So, before you go out and by so much as a gram, make sure you read this, and make these exact moves...

The Best Penny Stock to Buy Now Could Earn 197% Even in a Recession

U.S. GDP fell an annualized 32.9%, the largest quarterly drop in history, according to a U.S. Department of Commerce Report.

We had already been in recession since the coronavirus crash, marked by two consecutive quarters of GDP loss.

Now, it's the biggest quarterly loss in American history.

That can be a sign of dark things ahead for the economy.

But it can mean something positive for our best penny stock to buy now.


Why Elastic Stock Could Be the Next Google

Can you imagine life without search?

Before the internet you had to go to an encyclopedia, visit a library, or phone a friend and not even be sure if you got the right answer.

Nothing was instantaneous.

The ability to give people the exact info they're looking for on command is why Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has turned into a $1 trillion mammoth.

While Google has been a monster success, another company is staking its claim to the future of search.

You see, the idea of having data at your fingertips is much older than the internet, and it's not stopping there either...

5 Best Stocks Under $10 on Robinhood Now

When I look at the Top 100 on Robinhood every few days, I don't see much original thought.

Everyone is buying or trading the same collection of mature tech companies and old-line blue chips with some cannabis and coronavirus longshots thrown into the mix.

But there are great investing opportunities out there that aren't $200, $100, or even $50 per share.

That's why we're going to show you the best stocks under $10 on Robinhood right now.


Today Is a Make-or-Break Day for the FAANGS; Here's What to Do

Markets, equity markets in particular, are at a vulnerable place, today and the rest of this week. That's because the Mega-Cap Tech Darlings that have led the market higher are all at a similar inflection point – live or die, up or down.

What happens, which we'll find out before Friday's close, could delight or devastate markets.

Yesterday, the CEOs of Apple,, Facebook, and Google – whose companies are all under federal scrutiny – testified before the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee.

That the pandemic meant the whole thing was done via videoconference is just a footnote. Whether our antitrust laws, which were mostly passed or amended between 1890 and 1976, are adequate to address these 21st century questions and practices, is a story for another day.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, as The Washington Post noted, hadn't appeared before Congress before, though Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, and Sundar Pichai of Facebook, Apple, and Google are old hat at this by now.

What was said isn't necessarily important – or anything we haven't heard before in one form or another.

It's what happens next – today – that could get interesting… Full Story

It's what happens next - today - that could get interesting...