Chris Johnson Explains Whether to Buy Tesla Stock in His "Markets Live" Session

The two most expensive emotions you can have as a human are "anger and pride," according to Money Morning Quantitative Trading Specialist Chris Johnson.

And if you have them both at the same time, it can be very destructive to your portfolio.

That's how Chris is thinking about Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) right now, as the number of short positions has never been higher on the stock.

It's clear these short sellers have a ton of pride, continuing to bet against one of the hottest momentum stocks on the market (Tesla is up 254% year to date).

And they're surely feeling angry losing money day in and day out to a company that sells a fraction of the cars as the major carmakers, but is currently the most valuable electric vehicle stock in world (with its $280 billion market cap).

So, what should investors do? ... Is it too late to buy TSLA stock, or should you continue riding this momentum higher?

Should You Buy Tesla Stock? Chris Johnson Explains

Last week, Chris talked about the three of the hottest stocks on the market: these electric car stocks that are actually outperforming TSLA so far this year.

But he never actually covered what to do with Tesla...

So, during this Markets Live broadcast yesterday, Chris charted Tesla and used technical analysis to tell his live viewers exactly what to do.

Here's what he had to say...

What's Next on Markets Live

Chris will be back live again tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:45 a.m. EDT. If you'd like to follow up with Chris about Tesla, any of the other the electric car manufacturers, or any stocks you have questions about, join in and put your question in the chat.

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