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These "Walk Down Main Street" Stocks Could Double Your Money

On a normal weekend, I make the opportunity to hit a few retail centers to gauge the ebb and flow of the consumer. During my regular morning Markets Live stream, I like to share my "Walk Down Main Street" stock recommendations with the audience. Today, I'm sharing them with everyone.

A "Walk Down Main Street" is just like it sounds.

Find your local Main Street – a popular shopping street or mall…

Open your eyes, put one foot in front of the other, and take a walk.

Check out which stores are popular, which are dead. Take note of what people are wearing, and where their shopping bags come from.

By the time you're done with your stroll, you'll have a handy list of better, more profitable trading stocks than anything you can read about in The Wall Street Journal.

Last week, I hit four different shopping "areas" not far from me in Cincinnati. I usually hit a specialty store, a shopping mall (or two), a bunch of discounters, and some grocery and department stores.

Pace yourself, but generally, the more you see, the more profits you stand to make.

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Here's what Chris found...