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The Best Call and Put Options to Buy Today

As we near election season, Chris Johnson has recommended an options play to cash in on one topic gaining traction in both the stock market and Big Media: clean energy.

And as a bonus, he's offered a second recommendation on a bearish trend emerging in the entertainment sector.


Here's the Right Profit Plan for This Wild Market

We've seen the Dow swing from 29,100 to 26,763 since the highs of Sept. 2 – and if that's not "volatility," I don't know what is.

That's probably pretty scary for buy-and-hold investors, but the thing is, as traders, we absolutely need that volatility; if stocks won't budge, most trades just won't make money – definitely not the kind of money that frees you up to spend an hour trading and the rest of the time doing what you want.

So we need markets to swing around a bit, and that means we also need a good plan to stay on the winning side of those big moves.

It turns out "plan your trade and trade your plan" is an old Wall Street saying for a really good reason.

Let's do it – it's easier than you might think… Full Story

Let's do it - it's easier than you might think...

Here’s the Only Smart Way to Play the Airbnb IPO

It's been a record-setting summer for IPOs. Vroom Inc., Lemonade Inc., and BigCommerce Holdings Inc. all soared on their initial public offering debuts.

Then came the record-setter, Snowflake Inc. – the largest U.S. software IPO and the biggest company ever to double in value on its opening day.

So this profit-rich, success-soaked moment is opportune for Airbnb, the vacation-rental "unicorn" that's a heavy favorite to go public by the end of 2020.

Good thing, too (for Airbnb). The company's had a rough year, to put it mildly. The company slashed headcount by a quarter back in May, and, as The Wall Street Journal reported, saw its valuation plummet from $31 billion to $18 billion – a rare occurrence for such a celebrated private firm.

So investors are feeling bullish about this company once again, including yours truly – I do think this is going to be a good long-term investment.

Still, this may not be a slam-dunk IPO á la Zoom.

It would be a pricey mistake to rush out and grab the first shares that hit the market. Grab them at the wrong time – the wrong price – and you could be looking at a long, long trip back to the "plus" side of the ledger.

This is going to take some strategizing, like so… Full Story

This is going to take some strategizing, like so...