Telehealth for Pets: It's a Thing, and It's About to Send This Stock Flying

Today, I'm revisiting a Fast Profits trade from late April, a stock that's tapped into two of the most prominent trends of 2020 and beyond: our everlasting love of furry, four-legged friends, and online shopping.

If you were lucky enough to join us last time, you could've more than tripled your money, and then some. But that's nothing compared to where this stock is headed, especially after adding yet another COVID-era megatrend to the mix: telehealth.

That's right - this stock climbed more than 15% in October after announcing the launch of a free program called "Connect with a Vet," allowing pet owners virtual access to licensed veterinarian from the safety of their own homes.

And make no mistake: This "tele-vet" service is adding exponential value to this company - no longer a mere supplier of chew toys and dog sweaters, but an all-around one-stop-shop wellness center for your pet that you can access anywhere.

Lately, this stock saw a bit of a retracement from its upward trajectory, due to sloppy split from brick-and-mortar pet retailer PetSmart, but that will only be adding profits to our trade, especially with earnings scheduled for early December providing the perfect storm of "buy the dip" and "buy the rumor" catalysts.

Check out the full details in my video below...

Trade details:

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of CHWY using a $65 limit order.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open CHWY Jan. 15, 2021 $65 call (CHWY210115C00065000) using an $8.50 limit order.

Update: Bitcoin Is Up 95% YTD

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