An Options Play to Bag Fast Profits on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

If you've read any of my work from the last several months, you know I'm bullish on green energy. It's not just a political conversation piece, or a hopeful investment in a better tomorrow - it's a truly transformative industry that will continue to take the world by storm, regardless of who's in power.

If you don't believe me, just take a look at President-Elect Joe Biden's economic recovery plan, "Build Back Better." Arguably the centerpiece of the soon-to-be Biden administration, this program intends to invest over $7 trillion in a new and improved, green infrastructure (amid various other socioeconomic initiatives).

And as the U.S. government begins mapping out a nation-wide attack on greenhouse gas emissions, I've pinpointed a prime opportunity to cash in on Biden's new infrastructure economy...

Today I'm recommending a multinational construction materials manufacturer that's recently unveiled a net-zero carbon cement. It's already had tremendous success launching its product in Europe, and an environmentally friendly material such as this would be a shoo-in for Biden's building proposition.

But even if this stock doesn't manage to get a piece of the wave of government spending about to be unleashed, the industry publicity alone is expected to become a huge catalyst for this stock.

In fact, this stock has already recovered 100% of its losses at the hands of COVID-19, and then some - now sitting at a new high for the year.

And it's climbing fast, so there isn't a moment to lose.

Check out the full details in the video below...

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Don't Let Politics Weigh Down Your Money

Trade details...

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of CEMEX (NYSE: CX) using a limit order of $4.40.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open CX April 16, 2021 $4.50 calls (CX210416C00004500) using a limit order of $0.65.

If there's anything we can see from today's infrastructure play, it's that the recent Biden win could create massive profit potential for Americans... or it could mark a historic pitfall for our economy.

Right now, investors don't know what to make of the markets as we transition leadership.
But luckily, you don't need a Ph.D. in economics and political science to make a killing, no matter what color the president's tie is...

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