How to Trade This Fast-Food Spin-Off for Triple-Digit Profits

The fast-tracked digital age has brought about a lot of profit potential, after social distancing became less of a public health precaution and more of a way of life.

We've seen e-commerce stocks take off like never before, telehealth catch on like wildfire, and of course, food delivery services have become necessities since folks have been urged to dine at home as much as possible.

And on today's issue of Fast Profits, I'm tapping back into that demand for food delivery with a company that owns most of America's go-to fast-food favorites.

We're talking about delicacies like Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

All of these fast-food staples and more live under the same corporate umbrella, and this company's been cashing in this year.

The demand for its menu items doesn't end in America - within the last few years, this company expanded into greater Asia with a new corporate headquarters in Shanghai.

Now, open to a whole new market of cheat meals, this Chinese spin-off has been heavily investing into its digital presence and functionality - optimizing its mobile order, touchless payment, and delivery experience. And it's been reaping the rewards of efficiency, steadily climbing upward in a long-term bullish trend since its inception in 2017.

And now, as COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket around the globe, rising demand for comfort food at our fingertips is sure to continue boosting this stock - and today's recommended options trade - through the roof.

Watch the video below for the full trade details...

Trade details...

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of Yum China Holdings (NYSE: YUMC) using a limit order of $57.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open YUMC April 16, 2021 $55 calls (YUMC210416C00055000) using a limit order of $6.

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