How to Make Fast Profits on This Crashing Bank Stock

Though all signs have been pointing toward a long-term bullish sentiment likely to drive stocks higher in the new year, one group of stocks is beginning to flash signs of a seasonal pullback...

I'm talking of course about the banking sector.

The post-holiday season is historically one of the worst quarters for these stocks as consumers tighten their purse strings after "breaking the bank" on Christmas.

And today, we're looking to cash in on the downside of one of the weakest financial stocks on the market right now. This multinational banking stock has been on a tear lately, rallying on the tailwinds of the larger market's optimism, but it's already beginning to lose steam, fast.

This banker isn't just declining on a seasonal retracement, either - with a shareholder class action lawsuit on its hands, I expect the floor to fall out from under this stock at any moment.

You see, after making a $900 million mistaken payment to the wrong company, this banker's now looking at fines to upwards of another $400 million....

Not to mention, shareholders are now taking legal action on the grounds that this company failed to establish appropriate risk management and internal controls.

Needless to say, this company's in a heap of trouble.

But we can still turn a profit with a well-placed trade - just take a look at the video below for the full details...

Trade details...

Action to take: Buy to open C June 18, 2021 $60 puts (C210618C00060000) using a limit order of $6.80.

"The Best Profit Pattern I've Ever Seen"

One key takeaway from today's Fast Profits: You can't control everything.

You can do everything the "right way" - you could buy a world-renowned banking stock like Citigroup, and still find the value of your shares eaten away by someone else's mistake.

And in this market, driven by vaccine headlines and on-again-off-again stimulus deals, there are far more unknowns impacting your money than we could count.

But there is one way you can take back control, even with COVID-19 threatening to upend the economy.

Instead of trading on rumors from finance media and sentiment, you can take the guesswork out of your investing with a time-tested formula, like the system Tom Gentile uses.

His readers are claiming profits hand over fist, even amid record-setting volatility. In fact, one reader says with Tom's guidance, she was able to make more money in 24 minutes than her husband makes in a week.

Here's how...

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