The Top Stock to Trade in Biden's "Second 100 Days"

If there's anything that's been made abundantly clear during U.S. President Joe Biden's first 100 days in office, it's that the new administration has big plans for America's roadways, waterways, and schools.

The American Jobs Act has been ruffling feathers on Capitol Hill for weeks now, and recently the GOP has countered with a $568 billion infrastructure spending bill of its own.

Regardless of which bill makes it to Congress this year, infrastructure stocks will end up the clear winner of the rising cry transportation systems upgrades.

All politics aside, I've been looking at this as a major opportunity to profit.

I've been recommending materials stocks to capitalize on Biden's infrastructure plan since before he was officially in office. And it's paid off big time...

If you acted on my CEMEX (NYSE: CX) recommendation from early November, you would have cashed out a 354% win last week. Now, two of our other infrastructure plays, Trinity Industries (NYSE: TRN) and U.S. Steel Corp. (NYSE: X) are up 100% and 400% respectively.

Today, I'm adding another leg to the construction profit plan with a trade on a leading producer of domestic cement.

This company has beaten earnings two quarters in a row - its most recent surprise in Q4 2020 cleared EPS expectations by 150%. And considering shares have already run up nearly 60% since then, I'm expecting their next announcement scheduled for early May to deliver some serious, windfall-generating numbers.

Coupled with all of the "technicals" signaling an ideal buy window open right now, this trade could be one of my most explosive recommendations this year.

Check out the full details below...

Trade details...

Action to Take No 1: Buy shares of U.S. Concrete Inc. (Nasdaq: USCR) using a limit order of $66.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open USCR Aug. 20, 2021 $65 call (USCR210820C00065000) using a limit order of $8.

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