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The Best Stocks to Profit on the Strongest Economy in 38 Years

The mainstream media’s putting out a lot of bearish commentary lately.

And Shah wants you to ignore it all – indeed, you’ll be richer for it.

Shah likes every single one of the stocks they’re telling you to avoid.

If you don’t own them already, buy them.

If you own them, buy more.

Here’s why Shah’s so bullish on the long term….


2 Reasons Microsoft Stock Could Hit $400 This Year

Microsoft Corp.

(NASDAQ: MSFT) is up 11.8% in the last two weeks.

Anyone holding shares got a nice pop.

But we’re seeing the early tremors of something much bigger ahead.

Microsoft stock has a couple catalysts on the way that could push the stock to $400 by the end of the year.



The Impossible Foods IPO Will Rise with This Secret Ingredient

The Impossible Foods IPO is coming.

And if it's anything like the Beyond Meat Inc.

(NYSE: BYND) IPO, you will want to pay attention.

Beyond Meat Inc.

(NASDAQ: BYND) popped 254% in the first three months trading on the NASDAQ.

Typically, as IPOs go, you might have expected a steep decline afterward.

Sure, we saw a decline as the IPO hype backed off.

But it wasn't all that major.

Since IPO, Beyond Meat is still up around 160%.

That's because everybody still expects the plant-based meat trend to be massive.

And Impossible Foods may have just what it takes to do even better than Beyond Meat...

The Hidden Way to Profit from Robinhood

Shah Gilani’s never been more excited about the market and the growing number of opportunities for regular investors to build life-changing wealth.

It’s all thanks to mobile app-based investing and what he calls the “Fractional Shares Revolution.” And for folks in the know, there’s huge profit potential….


Why the Didi Chuxing IPO Could Be the Biggest Ever

The Didi Chuxing IPO in Hong Kong was announced last month, but now an American IPO is happening too.

The IPO announcement was an exciting development for the company that everyone is calling the "Uber of China." In fact, this one could take over Uber's China market share entirely.