Healthcare Tech Solutions: It’s the Easiest Money You’ll Make This Year

On today's Fast Profits with Money Morning, I'm targeting an IT stock that's solving the healthcare sector's biggest problem.

It goes without saying, healthcare is the industry most impacted by the coronavirus.

And in an industry fraught with the financial and competitive pressures of the pandemic, the back burner often gets reserved for the medical field's most important charges: people.

Medical professionals and their governing executive boards have been stretched so thin simply trying to maintain an economic edge that they have less time than ever to spend with their patients, providing diagnoses, and walking through treatment plans.

That's why companies like this "Fast Profits-approved" stock is more in demand than ever before.

This tech solutions company has been around for years - managing administrative tasks and patient documents, and allotting healthcare providers more time to actually provide quality healthcare. It's companies like this, that take a little bit of the "business" out of the healthcare business, that the world truly needs right now.

And with telehealth expected to be the new normal of the post-COVID-19 world, this stock is bound for a record-setting bull run.

Of course, I'm not just looking at the long-term picture here either.

Shares have already climbed 13% off of last month's earnings announcement, and it's just checked off every box on my technical trading checklist.

Meaning, there's a serious run-up just over the horizon...

So, to help you turn the coming payday into even bigger gains, I've put together a call options trade. Watch the video below for the full details...

The Best Plays to Make This May

Trade details...

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of Allscripts Health Care Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: MDRX) using a limit order of $17.50.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open MDRX Sept. 17, 2021 $17 calls (MDRX210917C00017000) using a limit order of $1.80.

As a combination of surging demand, post-earnings headlines, and trader psychology adds barrels through MDRX's recent resistance levels, the above options play could turn the coming 25%-40% climb into what could be our biggest payday this year.

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