My Updated Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Predictions

What can I say? It's been a wild ride for cryptocurrency investors over the past few days.

If you'd been following along with my Microcurrency Trader recommendations, you had the chance to sell into some of the "toppy-ness" we started seeing in the markets recently and pocket two triple-digit winners.

But, you know, we're here to look ahead, not backwards.

If you've been with me for a while, you know I love a good chart - stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, name it - because they make it much easier to know what to do. They're really the best way to answer that important "What's next?" question.

I've shared some short-term crypto price charts with my subscribers already, but I just put the finishing touches on some "long-view" charts for the biggest, most popular cryptos out there.

I want to share these with everyone now because they've got the Fibonacci "Fibo" retracement levels that basically show you where and when to buy. If you're not familiar, having the Fibos in front of you is like having clear price targets and go/no-go signals - very helpful, especially when you're talking about cryptocurrencies.

Let's dive into the video right now...

There's more to the crypto world than just Bitcoin or Ethereum; there are thousands of microcurrency "altcoins" out there right now. Most... are probably going to fizzle out - there's no way around that. But, I'm projecting a few will end up throwing off incredible profit potential. In fact, several of the altcoins we've been watching have done that already. Just a few weeks ago, my readers got a crack at closing out a 300% winner after four months and a 150% winning position after two months. There's a lot going on with microcurrencies right now, and I'm researching some of the best. Take a look.

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