The Six Best Stocks to Buy to Make Money This Summer

I don't know about you, but I for one am ready to get out of my house this summer.

Stores are opened, concerts are back on, restaurants are getting busy... it's great for my social calendar - but even better for my portfolio. There's a lot of money to be made this summer, and I'm going to help you do just that.

To find these standout opportunities, I've done more than look at the industries opening back up. Every trader will be doing that.

I have an edge. I've sifted through my favorite technical indicators and filtered the top "reopening" stocks into the best-of-the-best "get out there" plays to make today.

That gave me this list of the six best profit opportunities this summer's "get out there" vibe is giving us now. Let's dive in...

Your "Get Out There" Stock Buy List

First up on my list is an airline company that's showing a lot of promise. I can literally see it riding the reopening wave as the pent-up demand in travel reaches new heights this summer. I'm talking about none other than Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV). Shares of LUV have been trading in a tightening range for the last three months as the airline sector prepares for what's likely to be a strong second half of the year. LUV's pricing and destinations put it at the top of the list for recreational fliers, which should be the first group to hit the skies. I'm adding this stock to my portfolio at $60 with a price target of $75 before year-end.

Buckle Inc. (NYSE: BKE) is a fashion retailer that sells clothing, footwear, and accessories. It's second on my list because it just beat its earnings estimate by $0.92, sending the stock 7% higher last Friday. This teen retailer is still a bullish pick with another 20% gains expected before its next earnings announcement three months from now. Shares are a buy at $40 as this stock continues to outperform its peers.

Next up is another retailer - Inc. (NASDAQ: OSTK) - whose shares are new to the bullish radar. The technical patterns for OSTK shares are suggesting another rally similar to what we saw in February, which drove prices 50% higher. I'm adding these shares to my portfolio with a limit price of $80.

Tractor Supply Co. (NASDAQ: TSCO) is one of my favorite retailers that we rarely talk about, and it's found its way on my list this week. It's a Brentwood, Tenn.-based retailer that offers home improvement, agriculture, and lawn care products. Shares of TSCO are bouncing from technical support at their 50-day moving average after taking a much-needed rest. The stock is trading 30% higher year to date and is now telecasting a move to $220.

Fifth on the list is Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. (NYSE: DKS), which has been on my bullish list since last summer as one of my "get out there" trades. The company announced earnings results this past Wednesday, beating both analyst and trader expectations. In fact, its stock shot up more than 17% after showing a robust first quarter, earning $3.41 per share, up from a loss of $1.71 per share a year ago. Revenue surged 119%, to $2.92 billion, year over year. So, you can be sure that I'm adding DKS shares to my portfolio at around $95.

The last stock on my summer buy list is AutoNation Inc. (NYSE: AN), the Ft. Lauderdale-based automotive retailer specializing in new and pre-owned vehicles. Usually the secondary auto market surges when the economy slows down, but this year is a little different; prices are sky-high, and there's a chip shortage, so we've got a hot secondary market and a hot economy. AN shares just finished a technical test of their bullish 50-day moving average ahead of what I see as another 25% rally in shares over the next two months.

Another Trading Opportunity...

Like I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of money to be made over the next few weeks.

This is the only worldwide pandemic reopening humanity has ever experienced, and I intend to get my fair share of the profits.

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