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How to Find Profit Opportunities in These Two Sectors Before July

May tends to bring a higher level of uncertainty into the markets each year.

In fact, while investors think they should sell, a lot of the time they're leaving money on the table.

But not to worry – Chris is going to break down how you can profitably navigate the two factors causing this uncertainty and easily find the profitable opportunities out there….


This $40 "Streaming Wars" Stock Has 100% Profit Potential

When billions of people were stuck at home during the pandemic, streaming stocks went ballistic.

Now those stocks are off all-time highs, but subscriber counts are still growing in a lot of places.

The market's setting up for "Streaming Wars II" and the profits could be even bigger than 2020, particularly for the play Andrew Keene's picked out… .


Why Sundial Stock Won't Hit Its Old Highs Again

Investors who bought Sundial Growth stock in February are looking for any bit of positive news from the company's Q1 20201 earnings report in hopes of recouping their massive losses.

Sundial Growers Inc.

(NASDAQ: SNDL) stock price is trading for $0.72, a loss of 75% from the February high of $2.95.

A lot of investors are jumping back in, expecting it to rally back to those hold highs.

Here's why they're wrong...

Why I’m Not Worried About This Week’s Crypto Crash

Negative sentiment and some misunderstood headlines from China triggered a full-on crypto crash, with coins like Bitcoin plunging 22% or more by Wednesday morning, and when poorly positioned traders began to get hit, that just made the slide worse.

But for most investors, this is a crypto “Sale of the Century” opportunity… .


My Chart Says Everything About Bitcoin Prices Right Now

Elon Musk’s Twitter feed has a lot of Bitcoin and crypto investors reaching for the antacids lately; the outspoken CEO’s helped send Bitcoin on a $7,000+ slide, and at one point wiped $300 billion off the cryptocurrency markets.

Don’t worry: Tom Gentile’s Bitcoin price chart shows where to buy back in or buy more, and hints that the bulls will run again soon… .