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Why Airline Stocks Won't Be Flying Higher Anytime Soon

Airline stocks have had an impressive run over the last year, but as the vaccinations spread and restrictions drop, investors are wondering why these stocks aren't ratcheting higher anymore.

Some traders and investors are puzzled by the slowdown in recent weeks.

They should not be.

We aren't.

Shares of many airlines are now back to pre-pandemic levels.

There is no way that most of these stocks should be back at this level.

Here’s why airline stocks have plateaued and when they’ll go higher again…

When to Buy ZipRecruiter Stock After Its "IPO"

Online recruiting and job search firm ZipRecruiter will go public via direct listing later this month.

The company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "ZIP." ZipRecruiter uses artificial intelligence to match potential hires and employers.

Since ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010, over 2.8 million businesses and 110 million job seekers have come to the company for their hiring and job search needs.

Today, we'll talk about when you can buy the stock. First, here are some things you should know about the company.

The Best Stocks to Buy and Sell Right Now

For as many new investors that have entered the market, there are millions just waiting on the sidelines.

If that sounds familiar, Shah’s special session of Buy, Sell, Hold is for you.

And even if you’ve been in the markets for a year or more, this session is for you, too.

Shah’s covering it all today, from which stocks to own and how many of them to how many open positions to have.

It’s all here….


Why Our Dogecoin Price Prediction Is Still a Fat "Zero"

Looking for a Dogecoin price prediction can land you in some weird spaces on the Internet.

The coin made at least one millionaire as it leaped from $0.05 to $0.50 in a matter of days.

His name was Glauber Contessoto, and he is not selling.

In fact, Contessoto believes Dogecoin will ultimately rise to $2.50.

That will have brought his Dogecoin position from $180,000 to $10 million.

Our Dogecoin prediction looks a bit different. But let's start by being fair...

Five Bullish Stocks to Trade This Week

Whether stocks are bullish or bearish, it’s the up and down movement of the stock that’s really important.

Indeed, volatility can be a good thing if you’re on the right side of it.

And that’s where Tom’s Money Calendar comes in.

No matter what the market does, it hits on dozens of opportunities a day in stocks moving up and down.

Here are the ones everyone needs to know about this week….


Buy This $4 Stock Monday to Lock In 50% Profits

Markets sold off violently this week as the full scale of inflation fears began to sink in.

Though stocks managed to catch a break on Thursday, the gains were not evenly spread out across indexes.

But a permanent state of volatility seems to be the new normal, and while this spells trouble for the short-term trend, especially Big Tech, Chris isn't worried.

In fact, his chart shows a technical situation unfolding here that'll likely send one small stock soaring 50% or more..


How to Profit in a $29 Billion “New Biotech” Sector

Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, psychedelics drugs like LSD were still legal and could be researched.

But in 1968 when the federal government criminalized them, a lot of promising research stopped.

Now the spotlight is back on these drugs and the success they’ve shown in clinical trials for treating a range of mental health conditions.

This is not only great news for people suffering from these conditions, but also for savvy investors who’ll get in on the ground floor of a market that could be worth more than $29 billion by the end of the decade.

Here’s Shah with all the details….