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Why MicroVision Stock Is on a Roller Coaster Right Now

MicroVision stock has been on a very profitable roller coaster this year.

It's up over 1,000% since this time last year and up 182% in 2021 alone.

It's also seen three plunges over 40% since February.

It's down 44% from its all-time high right now, and that has investors wondering if MVIS is a buy right now.

If it follows the same trend, a leap higher could be next.

Before you open a position, here's what you need to know about this tech stock...

This Top Dividend Stock Just Got Even Better

On Monday night, telecom giant Verizon confirmed that it’s selling its Yahoo! and AOL media holdings to private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

Verizon’s willingness to sell while taking a $4 billion-plus hit shows its eagerness to get out of the media and digital advertising space and re-focus on where the growth really is: 5G.

Here’s what you need to know… .


Why Twitter Stock Is Lagging Its Tech Rivals

Twitter stock is one of the few social media and tech stocks that is struggling recently.

You notice this more easily when comparing Twitter to other social media companies like Facebook having a monster year.

However, remember that Mr.

Market like to exaggerate these kinds of differences.

Here is why Twitter stock is really lagging behind Big Tech, and what to expect from the stock later in the year.


I'm Giving This $20 Stock a Strong "Buy" Rating

Almost every Friday, Shah does a Total Wealth livestream called, "Buy, Sell, Hold," where he talks about whether his readers should buy, sell, or hold stocks they're asking about.

Now, while these livestreams are a perk reserved for Shah's free Total Wealth subscribers, he just issued some very strong buy recommendations that he wants to share with everyone.

Let's dive in….


Bank 50% Profits on This "Buy the Dip" Stock

Chris has been extremely bullish on the long-term outlook for clean energy stocks.

And he’s not alone – President Biden is planning to pivot to clean energy on a national scale, as is the rest of the world to some degree.

So, if clean energy is “The Future,” why has the sector been tanking since mid-winter? Chris’ charts will show that this is a classic “buy the dip” scenario on stocks that could snap back 50% or more before long.

And he’s picked the best one to buy….


How Some Investors Made 6,567% on the Coinbase IPO

Coinbase made history last month with the biggest-ever direct listing, closing its first day at nearly $86 billion.

What’s more, an entire class of savvy investors also made an absolute killing that day because they were perfectly positioned.

Today, Neil will show you how those extreme profits were locked in and how you could do the same on the next big IPO… .