This "Staple Stock" Is a Trader's Gold Mine in June

Stocks have been locked in a sideways trend this week as the world shifts gears into "post COVID-19" mode.

The Fed's pumping the brakes on government aid, and pandemic all-stars like Zoom and Abbott Labs are being reminded what it is to be "nonessential." But counteracted with a general reopening euphoria keeping indexes afloat, the markets have been trapped in a monotonous pattern of profit and loss.

So, in a financial climate that can't seem to make up its mind, I'm turning to an "ole reliable" profit play in the food service industry.

This staple among grocers provides one of the things we literally can't live without... food.

Not only is this stock tapped into a never-ending demand for humans everywhere, but years of seasonal stock patterns prove it also has a history of outperforming the larger market in June and July...

And we're not talking about a tiny margin here - we're on the cusp of this stock's biggest bull season of the year.

Coupled with some of my favorite "trade me now" technical indicators, a short squeeze in the making, and a head start on what's sure to be a killer Q3 earnings announcement, it's time to get to trading.

Watch the video below for the full details...

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of B&G Foods Inc. (NYSE: BGS) using a limit order of $34.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open BGS Aug. 20, 2021 $32.50 calls (BGS210820C00032500) using a limit order of $2.75.

Our Next "Beat the Surge" Trade Is Ready to Go

The fact of the matter is we're in new market territory.

We're not just shifting back to pre-pandemic trends - a lot of the old ways of making money just won't work for you the way they used to.

But in an economy driven by an influx of new-to-market millennials and Reddit short squeezers, Tom Gentile's "Sure Strike" strategy is perfect for navigating the market's new rules...

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But the profit potential won't stop there - Tom's already got your first "Surge Strike" trade all lined up.

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