This Week's Top Buy Is a Penny Stock

One of the questions I get most often - so often, in fact, that it's a weekly feature of my Total Wealth e-letter - is: "Where can I invest $100 smartly?"

Six little words, one huge idea.

Because, as we all know, your hard-won capital is exactly that: hard-won. You've had to work for it and protect it, and, naturally, you want to put it to work for you and invest it the right way.

That's what I'm here to help you do. Today, that means naming a very, very small stock that's recently come to my attention. I've gone over the numbers, and I like what I'm seeing. It's a strong buy.

If you've been with me for a while, you'll know I'm all about the profit potential of "cheap" stocks, but what we have here is a bona fide micro-cap stock; it's a worthwhile destination for your $100 this week.

Not only that, but we can have some fun with it, too...

[mm_brightcove id="6267683074001"]

Part of investing smartly is realizing you don't have to shell out megabucks for a chance at top-notch profit potential. "Pre-IPO rights" in some of the 500 or so companies looking to go public in the United States right now are a perfect example.

In some cases, you can get dibs on these for $1 - a single buck... but should the company go public, get ready: In exceptional cases, peak gains of 2,088%, 6,566%, 8,280%, 9,075%, even 27,550% have been seen. Exceptional, like I said, but no one's likely to see gains like that from stocks, options, or cryptocurrencies. Let me walk you through this right here...

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