How to Invest in Cannabis Today with Just $500

Catch any cable news segment and you'll see recreational cannabis laws are spreading rapidly across the United States. Since the beginning of 2021, New York, New Mexico, Virginia, Montana, and Connecticut have joined New Jersey and Arizona in legalizing recreational cannabis sales.

What you won't hear on CNBC or FOX is every state that "goes recreational" creates multibillion-dollar opportunities for savvy investors who have the foresight to get in on the best cannabis stocks now.

In fact, in such a young, booming industry like this, it's actually easy to make money... but you have to know where to invest it.

To get you started, I'm going to show you the very best stocks to start your cannabis portfolio off. We'll use a hypothetical $500 nest-egg. That's a number within reach of lots of regular investors, but there's no reason it couldn't be less - or more, for that matter.

This special video I shot with the National Institute for Cannabis Investors team will, in 12 minutes, take you all across the cannabis market and show you where to invest for the maximum possible returns.

You can have everything you could possibly need to start making money from cannabis investing for just $0.10 a day. Find out how to access stock recommendations, trade alerts, industry updates, and more by clicking here.

Be sure and keep your eyes peeled for two free stock picks and my favorite "pick and shovel" cannabis play...

Cannabis companies... tech... EVs... miners - some of these companies fall into a very small category - part of a rare class of stocks where top performers have seen 2,953%... 4,801%... 12,754%... even 22,207% in less than a year. Incredibly, 99% of investors are missing out on this kind of profit potential. But my colleague, Shah Gilani, is pulling back the curtain on these "blacklisted" shares right here...

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